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The Flash Season 5 Review: 5.6: The Icicle Cometh

This week The Flash season 5 was all about Caitlin Snow. I enjoyed seeing her get a main plot, even with the predictability of the story and all the confusion with Killer Frost up to this point.

Caitlin, Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon headed to the North Pole after locating Caitlin’s father Thomas Snow. Caitlin was excited to see her father, but Cisco noticed the holes in his story. He put it together that Thomas’ alter ego was in charge and trying to permanently kill Thomas.

I enjoy plots where only one person can’t put aside their sense of mistrust. But, this one felt sloppy. It broadcasted too much that Thomas would turn out to be evil, without fully selling the idea of Caitlin ignoring the warning signs. It was only after Caitlin realized the truth and had to fight against her father’s alter ego that the episode really became enjoyable.

Because of Thomas’ cold powers, he immediately incapacitated Barry and Nora West-Allen. Both of them running into the fight with full confidence before remembering how cold affects their powers was ridiculous, but I enjoyed it. Bless their little hearts.

The final act saw the re-emergence of Killer Frost. It’s been a long bumpy road with that character. I can’t believe no one remembers that she helped Savitar try to kill Iris West-Allen and actually kill HR Wells.  However, if you ignore the history, it’s delightful watching Killer Frost become someone who has movie nights with the crew. When she appeared and told her father that he’s not her family, Team Flash is, it was downright adorable.

While the first two acts of the episode dragged, a nice b-story somewhat redeemed them. Cecile Horton and Ralph Dibny teamed up to help narrow down the identity of Cicada. Cecile is consistently great with anyone she’s teamed up with. I’m continually amazed by what a real character she is, since both Iris and Caitlin were severely underwritten in the early seasons of The Flash.

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