St. Vincent Performs ‘Bring Me Your Loves’ on Letterman


Have you heard of St. Vincent? Lead singer Annie Clark, who goes by the stage name St. Vincent, is amazing, and her stage presence is electrifying. Odd and electrifying. When the group performed on SNL earlier this year I was taken by how she and her backing guitarist/keyboardist were performing synchronized movements during the songs. Even Letterman  astutely notes at the end of this performance “some of that was semaphore.”

In 2012 Clark teamed up with musical genius David Byrne on the album Love This Giant, a fantastic collaboration that I highly recommend.

St. Vincent’s latest album, released earlier this year and aptly titled St. Vincent, will definitely be on multiple end-of-the-year “Best Of” lists (including my own). It is well worth a listen.


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