Q&A with Comedian Hannibal Buress on his NBA All-Star Celebrity Snub

Illustration by Laurie Piña (@CrushedPeanut / CrushedPeanut.com)

Illustration by Laurie Piña (@CrushedPeanut / CrushedPeanut.com)

Comedian Hannibal Buress has been on a run as of late, one that is almost as good as the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks’.

With the popularity of Broad City, where he plays Abbi and Ilana’s closest confidant Lincoln Rice, and with the hype surrounding his most recent stand-up special, Live from Chicago, it’s no surprise that he was tentatively selected to participate in this year’s NBA All-Star celebrity game.

What is a surprise, however, is that Buress was snubbed from the final roster since he never got a response back. He went to Twitter to voice his frustration.

A celebrity-game snub is definitely an unprecedented feat, especially for such an avid NBA fan in Buress. Baller Mind Frame got the opportunity to talk to Hannibal Buress about what he would have done had he been selected to play alongside celebrities like actor Kevin Hart, rapper Common, and little league phenom Mo’ne Davis.

What’s your natural position in basketball?
I’m a point guard in size, but I have the spirit of a stretch four. If I had energy, I’d be a huge energy guy like Thomas Robinson.

Who do you model your game after? Do you have a go-to move?
When I get into the zone, I’m a layup king. I have all types of layups. I’m like Tyreke Evans. They don’t always hit.

You said that Nick Cannon is the reason that you didn’t get into the game. Who wins in a game of one on one?
I was joking about that. It gave me a reason to post a clip from the Eric Andre show. I don’t think he had anything to do with it. Nick would probably destroy me. I’m out of shape and I’m not good at one on one. I’m a team player. It’s good to have teammates cover for you when you get beat on defense.

Who were you looking forward to playing with in the celebrity All-Star game?
It would have been fun to play against or with Kevin Hart. He’s been a staple of the game for a few years and his antics and energy help distract viewers from the horrible basketball game that is on display.

Who’s your pick to make it to the NBA Finals this year?
The league is crazy this year man. I want to be a homer and say the Bulls but they’ve been pretty inconsistent so far. That win in Golden State was huge and then they proceeded to lose to some mediocre teams. The Bulls will pull it together and win the East and beat the Warriors in 7 in the finals.

Milwaukee will upset the Hawks in the first round. (You heard it here first!). It’s fun to try and predict stuff because there’s zero accountability. I’m just saying stuff.

You can catch the Sprint NBA All-Star Celebrity Game on Friday, February 13 at 7pm ET on ESPN despite Buress tentatively sitting this one out, but you can watch him every Wednesday night at 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central’s Broad City, which is in the middle of its second season.


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