The Best Characters from Superhero Shows in 2015


2015 was a great time to be a fan of superheroes, with more superhero TV shows than ever. Here are my picks for the best characters from superhero shows in 2015.

15. Peggy Carter (Agent Carter)

In her own show, Peggy is just as charming, intriguing and strong as she is in the Captain America movies. She’s a fantastic heroine.

14. Oswald Cobblepot (Gotham)

This bizarre little man works as both a comic relief character and a genuinely chilling villain. He was the surprise breakout character of the show, making Penguin a more intriguing character than I ever thought he could be.

13. Wilson Fisk (Daredevil)

Wilson Fisk is a uniquely three-dimensional and well thought out villain. The episode dedicated to his backstory was one of the strongest of Daredevil‘s first season.

12. Luke Cage (Jessica Jones)

Luke is not only a strong love interest, he’s an interesting character in his own right. Jessica Jones did a great job of making audiences excited for Luke’s own show, which is coming soon.

11. Matt Murdock (Daredevil)

Scrappy and idealistic but occasionally dark, Matt Murdock is an easy character to root for. His tendency to question everything gave the show a nice, complex feel.

10. Thea Queen (Arrow)

Thea has gone from detached party girl to a superhero as idealistic and brave as the Green Arrow. She also has bloodlust to deal with, which is sad for her, but extremely entertaining to watch.

9. Malcolm Ducasse (Jessica Jones)

Malcolm, a bystander who just wants to help people and was completely destroyed by Kilgrave, is responsible for some of the sweetest and most emotional moments of the first season of Jessica Jones.

8. John Diggle (Arrow)

Diggle is a great guy who is fiercely loyal to Oliver, even when he doesn’t deserve it. After rightfully being angry at Oliver in the beginning of the season, Diggle seems to be back to believing in Oliver the way he always has. He makes Oliver more heroic, when we see him through Diggle’s eyes.

7. Laurel Lance (Arrow)

Laurel is finally the character she was always meant to be– a complicated superhero just like Oliver. Her bravery, rashness, compassion and tendency to call out Oliver’s hypocrisy make her compelling.

6. Cisco Ramon (The Flash)

Cisco is full of an infectious joy. His brightness helps the show keep its lighter tone and fun when other characters find themselves sucked into angst.

5. Felicity Smoak (Arrow)

Felicity may be Oliver’s soulmate, but that doesn’t mean she’ll let him get away with anything. She loves Oliver, but with her own terms and conditions, making it a satisfying relationship to watch because it doesn’t feel like they glossed over the messy parts.

4. Oliver Queen (Arrow)

In an alternate universe, Oliver would be a nice, if underachieving, socialite with a huge friend group who’s super into Sunday brunches. The fact that he’s an extrovert who was sucked into the brooding hero lifestyle is what gives him his charm.

3. Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones)

Jessica is a survivor, with all the strength, pain and personal demons that entails. She has a real darkness and edge, while still being dedicated enough to doing the right thing to make a compelling hero.

2. Trish Walker (Jessica Jones)

Trish is the one always pushing Jessica towards doing the right thing. What’s refreshing is that her sweet kindness in contrast to Jessica’s cynicism doesn’t translate to naivety or obliviousness. She’s just as smart and emotionally strong as Jessica.

1. Liv Moore (iZombie)

The writers of iZombie have turned zombie-ism into a brilliant allegory, using the stigma and isolation around her condition to make Liv an utterly resonant character. Throw in plenty of fun goofiness, bravery and intelligence and you have a winning formula for a superhero protagonist.


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