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Rajon Rondo: Best Boston Celtics Point Guard Ever?

Rajon Rondo wants to finish his NBA career as the greatest Boston Celtics point guard ever, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting and saying that. In fact, if you’re a fan and/or owner, you want a player that you root for and/or employ to have that swag attitude, especially when he has a some degree of a shot in making it come true. Some degree.

Rondo, visiting the Philippines to conduct a skills clinic, told the local Filipino media that he hopes he can end his career as the best point guard to ever done the Celtics’ green and white. Of course, this will be rough going for Rondo who will have to somehow overtake the Houdini of the Hardwood, Bob Cousy.

And, it won’t just be about NBA titles either, although Cousy’s six to Rondo’s one will make that a tough task regardless. It’s also about how Cousy elevated the game during his playing days with behind-the-back dribbles, no-look passes, and an overall tough, don’t quit attitude.

It’s not to say that Rondo can’t do the things that Cousy did on the court skills-wise because he can. In fact, if there was a one-on-one contest involved, I’d put good money on Rondo. However, Cousy is iconic. Rondo, still has holes in his games and he’ll have to work on being normal human great before he can surpass the super-human status of Cousy.

Rondo is 26-years-old and has one chip under his belt. Let’s sit back, watch, and enjoy Rajon Rondo as he guns for that number one spot.

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