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Kevin Durant responds to Skip Bayless saying LeBron James owns him: “Please…”

Kevin Durant and LeBron James are working out during the offseason, something I found surprising last season when they did it. Personally, as someone that witnessed Magic Johnson versus Larry Bird on the court during the 1980s and knowing their respect for each other off of it, I kind of like the fact that two of the NBA’s top players are training together. Of course, it may be a cringe-worthy fact to fans of the Miami Heat or Oklahoma City Thunder, but deal with it.

One person that isn’t dealing well with it at all, and in fact thinks that Durantula is getting the short-end of the stick, is ESPN’s First Take blabbermouth, Skip Bayless. Watch the tomfoolery:


“I say once again, Kevin Durant, congratulations you are owned by LeBron James. Have fun in next year’s NBA Finals finishing second again.”

Skip, you got us. You got us good! Bayless’ job is to basically get all of us talking and feeling something about him, in this case and most cases it’s hate, because it gets ratings. Again, Skip, you got us good! Does this man actually believe half the things that comes out of his mouth? I just can’t believe that he does. But, maybe.

Well, Durant, not one to back down from anyone took umbrage with Bayless’ assertions, responding on Twitter with a tweet that was quickly removed, but point made:

Kevin Durant responds to Skip Bayless after Bayless says LeBron James owns him

Plus, let’s be serious for a second. Kevin Durant averaged 30.6 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 4.0 assists while shooting 54.8 percent from the floor in the NBA Finals. Also, Durantula hardly even defended LeBron as that was Thabo Sefolosha and James Harden’s job. If all that means that Kevin Durant is being owned, I just don’t know what luxury items Skip Bayless is buying, but he’s obviously overpaying. But, he’s not exactly a stranger to things overdone, exaggeration, or hyperbole.

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