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Kobe Bryant plays against a kid talking junk

Kobe Bryant is a ruthless, clutch, take-no-prisoners type of player. We’ve all seen the Black Mamba absolutely kill NBA teams, cutting them up like a highly-skilled assassin and leading his Los Angeles Lakers to five NBA titles. Hisssssss.

But, how competitive is Kobe? Very. At his summer basketball camp last year, he called out a kid who was apparently talking smack to Bryant. So, he took to the mic and in front of all the campers, challenged the kid’s basketball manhood to a game of one-on-one. So, did Black Mamba take it light on the kid? What do you think? Hissssss:

Apparently, Mr. Bryant doesn’t give a fuzz how old his opponent is, he’s coming to kill everyone on the court! Well, okay, Bryant did bring it down a bit, but the showing off with the streetball “ball in your face… psych!” move, as well as the 360 ball in the shirt maneuver were done to make the kid look stupid was enough to keep Kobe happy… although that missed dunk was pretty funny.

So, the lesson here, folks, is don’t talk junk toward Kobe because he’ll make you regret it. Another lesson… take that mic away from the dude that kept hissing.

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