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Kobe Bryant to retire after 2013-14 season?

Kobe Bryant is seriously considering retirement after the 2013-14 season when his current contract with the Los Angeles Lakers expires. Could it be true? According to CBS Sports, it very well could be:

Speaking with in a quiet moment after practice, Bryant conceded that, in all likelihood, the finish line and the conclusion of his current contract will be one in the same. Bryant has two years left, and though he was careful to point out, “One can never be too sure,” he made it clear in the next breath it’s almost unfathomable he would play beyond 2013-14, which would be his 18th season.

“It’s just that three more years seems like a really long time to continue to stay at a high, high level of training and preparation and health,” Bryant said. “That’s a lot of years. For a guard? That’s a lot of years.”

This makes the window more definitive and a lot smaller for Bryant to win his sixth NBA title, which would tie Michael Jordan, but also leaves open the possibility of besting Jordan with seven rings. But, only if the Lakers can go back-to-back starting this season. Of course, Kobe’s legacy is already solidified as one of the best players to ever hit the hardwood, but getting six and possibly seven titles would have Kobe leaving on top.

It’s an inevitability that Bryant will leave the game of basketball as a player, but him entertaining retirement relatively soon is still a sad thought for Lakers fans to think about. Brace yourselves because the end is coming. Whether it’s a happy ending or happier ending will be up to the current team.

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