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Need for 2013 NBA All-Star Sheed

We all know and love Rasheed Wallace, its a universally known fact proven many times over in a physics lab or something like that. Facts aside, we should consider ourselves lucky he’s back in the league for another, and possibly, final go-round. Something this monumental needs to be celebrated.

How do we do this you ask? The answer is simple, my friends. We write Rasheed Wallace into the NBA All-Star Game! Say it with me slowly, Rasheed Wallace, 2013 All-Star. I can’t make this magical moment happen alone, so I put this on your shoulders, America. Don’t let China be the main country to decide the NBA All-Star Weekend starters!


I need your help America. Rasheed needs your help! Don’t disappoint the man who gave us erratic left-handed three pointers, “Ball Don’t Lie” and “both teams played hard” as these contributions alone should make him an honorary All-Star every year.

In a search for the perfect person to express the importance of this real-life issue affecting us all, I turn to the NBA Blogospheres de-facto expert in all things Rasheed Wallace – the one and only, Natalie Sitto creator of the most Sheedtastic Detroit Pistons site around!

Take it away Natalie.

“It would be felonious if basketball fans don’t do everything they can to make Rasheed Wallace a part of the NBA All-Star festivities. It’s “technically” wrong for any of you not to write in Sheed. If Sheed doesn’t play, who’s going to scream “BallDon’t Lie” and possibly get ejected for doing it?’

“It’s a guaranSheed good time.”

How anyone could deny a  public outcry of this magnitude is beyond me.  If you consider yourself a Pistons fan, a basketball fan , an American, a human being for Christ sake! I deplore you, do the right thing. Vote Rasheed Wallace as your own personal 2013 NBA All-Star.

To do your part go to and write in Rasheed Wallace on your 2013 All-Star ballot. Also dont forget to help the spread the movement on Twitter with the #NeedForAllStarSheed hashtag.

Rasheed, Natalie, and I thank you for your support

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