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Pacers and Warriors Brawl, More Like Midget Tossing.


 Another night in the NBA, another skirmish between the Pacers and Warriors, no big deal. Well, except that the Pacers were participants in the last major NBA brawl, which subsequently crippled the team for years to come. That alone, is reason enough for Pacer fans out there to hold their breath when a skuffle breaks out, not to mention sit tight in their seats with butt cheeks firmly clenched. After the fracas diminished, and Pacer fans did an under garment check, not much really happened. A push here, a shove there, that’s about it. Not quite the brawl some sources (Deadspin) have reported it as.

What the interaction did give us, is a pretty awesome video of Pacers center Roy Hibbert, tossing Warriors guard Steph Curry like he was a little kid (midget.) Maybe we can add guard (midget) tossing to next years NBA All-Star weekend? It’s not like it could make it any less watchable.

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