Culture of Hoops

Baselines vs. Bass Lines

Hoops and hip-hop merged together as a unified cultural phenomenon around the world in the last couple of decades. The video below is a tribute to the two cultures merging as one, extracting hip-hop lyrics and NBA imagery. After the video, read the description by the creator, Sai Selvarajan. Check it, check it out:


Lucky Post editor Sai Selvarajan spent countless summers playing basketball with his friends, rap blaring, sidewalk sizzling. He moved to the US from Nigeria when he was nine and saw America as an open book. It was a place where the language of hip-hop and magic of basketball formed his literature of influence. This personal project, directed and edited by Sai, is an homage to suburban teen dreams and the intensity of the game. As Sai recounts, “when the beat drops and the ball goes up, my heart stops.” Special thanks to Scottie Richardson for his sound “assist” and his mad skillz on the ones and twos!

Props and a shout-out to Sai! Keep making these videos, sir!

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