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Marco Belinelli wins NBA All-Star Three-Point Contest

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San Antonio’s Marco Belinelli won the 3-point contest at NBA All-Star Saturday night.

The Italian, who previously played for New Orleans, needed to win a tiebreaker round in the final to beat Bradley Beal.

The Washington All-Star had made his final six shots, including two “money balls” worth two points each, to tie Belinelli’s initial final-round score of 19.

Belinelli then racked up an event-high score of 24 for the win.

There were four shooters from each conference.

Belinelli had a score of 19 to win the West, beating Damian Lillard’s 18. Beal had a score of 21 to win the East, easily eclipsing defending champ Kyrie Irving’s total of 16. Associated Press

The rule change to this year’s competition was a “money rack” with only money balls worth two points each for a potential score of 34 overall instead of the standard 30 we are accustomed to. It did not have a major impact on the contest but it felt like an unnecessary change.

The best reaction from the event came courtesy of Nelly who actually babysat Bradley Beal when he was a kid. Beal hit the final seven shots of the second round to force overtime with Belineli, and Nelly behaved like any proud babysitter.

Duck of the entire All-Star night goes to Joe Johnson who never cares to play past the first gear in actual games or exhibitions prompting hilarious videos and tweets throughout the evening.


Quote of the night goes to victor of the three-point contest when asked what winning the competition meant to him.

– AL

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