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Would Someone Please: NBA Edition

Image courtesy of Erik Drost/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Erik Drost/Flickr.

Would someone please tell me what is happening to the Cleveland Cavaliers? We knew the team would take a little time to gel, but what is going on here? LeBron James and company are looking less potent than a defanged snake with a wool sock over its head. It’s early in the season, but I have to imagine I am not the only one who sees the events thus far as troubling.

Would someone please let me know who put a curse on the Oklahoma City Thunder? The team is loosing players to injury like there is a reward for it. On the one hand it’s good that this is happening at the early stage of the season. It gives players not named Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant a chance to get in some playing time, but this is going to hurt the team’s standings in the ultra-competitive Western  Conference.

Would someone please tell the Indiana Pacers the season is not over! The team lost Paul George, I get that he’s a huge piece to the puzzle, but a 1–4 start? This team is better than that. At least it was supposed to be, right?! I’m not sure what the team needs to be reminded that they were a playoff team from last year that took the Miami Heat through a very tough series. I actually think they would have put up a tougher challenge for the San Antonio Spurs in the Finals than the Heat did. Wake up guys, 77 more games to go.

Would someone please remind Kobe Bryant that he likes to win. The Los Angeles Lakers are 0 – 5 to start the season. The team has lost a ton of talent, but Kobe is still there. Last time I checked one Kobe equalled two or three other players. It’s not like the Lakers are going to dominate, but they should be able to claw out a record above .500. Could the Lakers get the first overall pick next year? If Kobe decides he’s mailing this season in, then you can all but bet on it.

Would someone please find a way to restructure the NBA? The West has been a powerhouse the last few years. Maybe there is something in the water out there. Currently, in the Western Conference of the 15 teams only four have losing records. I know it’s early in the season, but that’s still pretty nuts. Compare that to the East where only four teams have winning records. That’s about as balanced as a teeter-totter on a hillside with an NFL lineman sitting on the downhill end. Do this, or eliminate the conferences all together. There were so many West teams I’d have rather seen in the playoffs last year than some of the teams from the East.

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