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Opinion: Nike KOBE X Vino ‘Pops’ With Color

Wine gets better as it ages, just like Kobe Bryant and his signature shoes. The Nike KOBE X Vino, inspired by the green grapes used to make wine, is complex in its simplicity — paradoxical, huh? The translucent green sole really pops. The combination with the green upper with the black base that shines through is different and unusual-looking, but keeps the shoe wearable. Even though shoes that are for the most part green sometimes tend to look more vintage, the KOBE X Vino doesn’t convey that feel at all. The simple silhouette projects flash without taking away the ‘wearability’ from the shoe. The black tongue and Swoosh fit well.

Besides the aesthetic aspect of the new model, the KOBE X looks like a very decent performance shoe to me. The sole looks like it has good traction that allows a lot of quick movements, and the midsole gives the impression of a good cushioning system that supports landings well, particularly after jump shots. So in case you are the type of player that can actually play in a low-cut performance basketball shoe, the KOBE X is definitely worth checking out.

grapes_38477 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_Toe_38164 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_3Quarter_38157 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_back_38158 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_Detail_1_38167 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_Detail_2_38162 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_Detail_3_38165 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_Heel_38161 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_Medial_38163 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_Outsole_38160 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_705317-333_Profile_38159 SP15_BB_KOBE_X_LD_FLOW2_38166 NIKE_NEWS-kobex_mobile_2__copy_38479

Photos courtesy of Nike

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