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The Flash Review: 2.8: Legends of Today

Last night’s episode of The Flash was a crossover with Arrow that was also setting up the upcoming series Legends of Tomorrow. This means they packed in a lot of stuff. It all started when Barry and Cisco realized they needed to protect Kendra from someone named Vandal Savage. Barry recognized him as a mystical force and suggested they go to Star City, where people know something about the supernatural.

The great report between Barry, Oliver and Felicity was what really made this episode enjoyable. The highlight of these crossovers is always the moments when we get to see the characters just hanging out. I would’ve watched way more of Team Flash just having a drink at Oliver and Felicity’s place.

But, those moments were rare since a lot of exposition was packed into this episode. Besides having Malcolm Merlyn show up to explain the legend of Vandal Savage, this episode also introduced Carter Hall, who explained to Kendra that they’re immortals who’ve been together for centuries. This doesn’t look good for Cisco and Kendra’s relationship.

Back in Central City, Patty spotted Harrison Wells and shot him, since no one warned her about the visitor from Earth 2. This show is really testing our suspension of disbelief as far as how long STAR Labs will go without some security precautions to keep people from just walking in. It’s a superhero headquarters that is less secure than every office building I’ve worked in.

After Harrison has been shot, Caitlin convinces Jay that their only hope is to use a synthetic speed force serum that Harrison created. Even though Jay doesn’t approve of the serum, he uses it for this emergency and removes the bullet from Harrison’s body. Even after using it to save Harrison’s life, Jay makes it clear that he doesn’t want the serum being used again.

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