The Flash Season 4 Review: 4.3: Luck Be a Lady

Last week I said that The Flash season 4 reminded me of an old WB show like Charmed or Smallville. And, this week definitely kept up that pattern. I’m completely on board with this direction for the season. The episode introduced Becky Sharpe (aka Hazard), played by the always wonderful Sugar Lyn Beard. Becky was a young woman with the power to give herself good luck but with the side effect of creating bad luck around her. And, even by The Flash standards, the science of this did not check out. But, who cares? The delightfully silly premise led to stuff like a bunch of marbles on the street defeating The Flash.

The lighter tone of this episode worked well and I hope this tone stays for the majority of the season. It felt great to actually laugh-out-loud at this show. Plus, some moments were just fun, like the cold open of the team playing laser tag. Harry Wells’ first scene in this episode was one of the most genuinely funny scenes The Flash has ever done. Harry bringing up Wally West being Jesse Wells’ first time, as the rest of the team reacts, was incredible. Thankfully, the plot ended with Cisco Ramon telling Harry that he can stay. Those two are the best.

Meanwhile, the episode also told us a bit more about The Thinker, The Flash season 4’s main villain. It seems he sent the Samurai robot knowing that it would cause the team to retrieve Barry Allen from the Speed Force, giving him an opportunity to create more metas. It’s unclear exactly what his plan is, but we know that he’s using the Samurai’s mask to spy on the team. Admittedly, they maybe should’ve realized this could be a listening device.

Plus, Joe West and Cecile Horton were great this episode. Unfortunately, their relationship developed a lot of screen over the hiatus. I would’ve liked to actually get to witness more of their relationship growing serious. But, I’m excited to watch them as a serious, stable couple now.

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