Gotham Season 4 Review: 4.6: A Dark Knight: Hog Day Afternoon

This week Gotham delivered a satisfying episode without checking in on Bruce Wayne at all. I’m perfectly fine with the show taking a break from Bruce after the huge step they took with his character last week. This episode got back to basics, with Jim Gordon facing a whimsical villain. That villain was the delightful Professor Pyg. Pyg crusaded against corrupt cops, which resulted in Jim finding out that Harvey Bullock has been working for Penguin. The relationship between Gordon and Bullock is one of the few Gotham relationships that isn’t fundamentally tainted, so this was a great crushing reveal. This episode didn’t have the Pyg musical number we were promised, but I was hyped to realize that was because Pyg isn’t just a one-episode character.

Meanwhile, Ed Nygma and Solomon Grundy’s friendship continued to be the best thing on TV. This week, Ed also recruited Lee Tompkins to help him. It’s amazing what a good character Lee is when her plots don’t involve Jim. Lee pointed out that she’s not a neurologist, but Ed wasn’t swayed. Watching an incompetent Ed try to force Lee to do his bidding was fantastic. He is so, so bad at threatening people. I also greatly appreciated Ed saying that Grundy is a vast improvement over the old Butch Gilzean because he’s super-strong and loves Ed.

Sofia Falcone continued to work her manipulative magic on Oswald Cobblepot. He caught her speaking to city officials behind his back. But, it turned out she planned this. She won him back easily by revealing that she’s been working on opening an orphanage. Gotham is great at making silly plot points like that completely work for its villains. This plot also included some great banter between Oswald and Victor Zsasz. Zsasz has really turned out to be the surprise MVP of this season.

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