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Riverdale Season 3 Review: 3.14: Fire Walk With Me

This week’s episode of Riverdale season 3 was more of the same. It didn’t have a strong central conceit, it just moved the season long arcs along a bit.

Kurtz attempted to kill one of the Serpents. He did this in the middle of school, in front of a crowd, but there seemed to be no real consequences. Even when Jughead Jones reported it to FP Jones— the sheriff— he only enacted a plan to get Kurtz to quit the Serpents. It seems like every week this show reaches a new level of nothing really mattering.

Meanwhile, Archie Andrews met a homeless kid named Ricky. He allowed the kid to stay with him. Ricky turned out to be Ricky DeSantos, the little brother of Joaquin DeSantos. He was on a mission to finish what Joaquin started by murdering Archie. Archie realized that because of the Griffins & Gargoyles game, people aren’t going to stop trying to murder him. Once again, I need some clarification on exactly how this game works. Is it paranormal? To what extent can the game control people? It seems to change every week. Because the rules of G&G aren’t clear, it’s hard to feel anything when Archie and Jughead decide theyr’e going to try to make the game come to a head.

Alice Smith was selling her house. Betty Cooper attempted to stop this by telling prospective buyers about its murderous past. I’m confused on why anyone wouldn’t already know this stuff. In its early days, part of the premise of Riverdale was that this is a small town where everyone talks and it’s hard to keep secrets. That’s clearly completely gone now. The house eventually sold and, in retaliation, Betty Cooper burned the house down. It was clearly a re-tread of when Cheryl Blossom burned her house down in season one. Riverdale simultaneously seems too wild and also completely out of ideals.

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