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Four Activities Basketball Fans Will Love

Basketball is one of the greatest sports to follow and always serves up amazing games and plenty of off-court drama. While this gives fans lots to stay busy with, there is a host of other activities for basketball followers to try, which they should get a real buzz from.

But what are the top four activities basketball fans will love trying out?

Bet on Basketball Games

The global sports betting market makes multi-billions per year in revenue. The USA is, of course, a hotbed for this activity but other countries are also opening up to sports betting. Canada is a great example of a country that has adopted a softer stance lately to wagering on sports. As shown at, there are some amazing sports betting platforms in different provinces that have made this option available for Canadian bettors.

If you are into your basketball and live in a place where sports betting is legal, this is a great activity to dive into. Not only is placing wagers on basketball games fun but it also brings an extra edge to watching them on TV. Of course, you can also bet on a variety of other top sports (such as hockey, baseball or football) to make this activity even more interesting.

Playing Basketball Video Games

Another great activity any basketball fan will love is trying out the latest video games based on the sport. The most well-known series of games by far is the NBA 2K series from developers Visual Concepts, which (as this NBA 2K23 review shows) comes packed with top players and awesome gameplay.

Playing video games like this is a blast for any basketball fan. Of course, once you are a keen gamer, you can try titles from other genres when you fancy a different experience.

Keeping Fit

Anyone who follows basketball will look up to pro players such as LeBron James and envy their toned, muscular physique. One fun activity for any NBA follower to get into therefore is keeping fit. This not only makes you feel great and ensures you stay healthy but is also a great way to pass the time when basketball season is over.

Whether you play basketball to get toned or do something else like yoga, boxing or lifting weights, it can be really enjoyable. The main thing is to find something to do that you enjoy and which gives you a good workout.

Collecting Sporting Merch

Collecting sports merchandise is another awesome activity that basketball fans will get a kick out of. Over time, you could really build up an interesting collection of old programs, shirts worn by players, signed photos and basketball cards. Once you get the collecting bug, you may also find it fun to branch out into other sports you like.

Cool Activities for Basketball Fans to Try Out

If you love basketball, you will love keeping up with the latest games and off-court gossip. But what can you do if you need something else to do at times, or other ways to engage with basketball itself? As the above shows, there is a range of activities to choose from and enjoy.

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