Guess Katy Perry’s Real Hair Color


Can you accurately guess Katy Perry’s real hair color? Given the various costumes, wigs, and dyed looks she’s rocked over the years, reaching a clear answer may seem difficult. A fitting response might be reddish turquoise with a hint of faded peach and blinding neon green. Destined to be a pop star, the lord granted her an eccentric hairdo at birth already prepacked in a lovely flow of ferocity and confidence. Because she’s a celebrity with a lively personality, an absurd color could be your answer.

But that wouldn’t be the truth. In spite of her fame, Katy Perry’s hair is just like the rest of ours. Well, sort of. Don’t believe me? Then check this Huffington Post article that proves it. And embrace the ridiculous nature that comes with this sort of story by participating in the contest — guessing Katy Perry’s real hair color.

I know what you’re thinking, is this article a satire or something serious? HINT — it’s both. I found it wildly comical and over the top when I came across this news story. But it’s also a topic that I don’t mind reading about because (wait for it, wait for it, a little more, proverbial clearing of the throat, pause for impact)… I like Katy Perry. Her documentary was awesome and her music is catchy. I’ll make an exception of covering absurd stories when the celebrity at hand is one I follow.

Let the games begin. Which Perry hair color is hers?






katyperryblueWhat kind of shampoo does she use?

katyperryroaringWhy is she surprised in this picture?

katyperrybirthdayBursting out in flames, putting hands up because someone off camera is pointing a gun at her, or praising Jesus?

katyperryunconditionallyOkay, okay, the last three were thrown in there to see if you’re still awake. Wide awake, that is. (See what I did there?) The answer cited in the Huffington Post article is “dishwater squirrel brown,” whatever that means.

Maybe something like this?

katyperryProbably not. Because nothing like the above picture seems natural, but at least there’s some brown in Perry’s locks. Sorry, all you beautiful people out there who guessed purple. Maybe for a different celebrity.


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