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Runnin’ The Weave: Fantasy Basketball Tops At Each Position

Runnin’ the Weave will be a weekly fantasy basketball column to help you dominate your league. 

Definition of  weave /wēv/
1: to move in a devious, winding, or zigzag course especially to avoid obstacles
2: to produce by elaborately combining elements

I understand you are asking, “Why define the word ‘weave’ when this column is supposed to help me win my fantasy basketball league?” Great question. Allow me to explain.

With the flowing and grace necessary in weaving, let’s say for a basket (how appropriate), each precise movement is intertwined to produce that beautiful finished product.

In the definition above, notice the word “devious.” It has some real negative connotations, but relevant to fantasy hoops, I would like to call it more of being cagey, crafty, and shrewd. I always stay positive and respectful!

Now, “avoid obstacles.” What obstacles are there in fantasy basketball? They come in all facets of our wonderful game and usually do not show their ugly dome until you see the white of their eyes! During the draft, after the draft, reading others’ opinions (not a good idea other than here), managing your team, injuries, trades, add/drops… shall I continue? You will have to “zigzag” your way around each one of the aforementioned elements and stay focused with your eye on the proverbial prize.

We must not overlook an incredibly important decision when we start out with the intent to making a basket. What any number of strategies and plays will be used? Same goes for fantasy hoops. Allow ME to be your playmaker and let’s make baskets together!

Now on to the fun stuff.

In this post we will tell you who the top player at each position is, but keep in mind that different fantasy basketball platforms may employ dual-eligibility for certain players. Here, I’ll rank with the predominant position played by a respective baller.

Point Guard – Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers
When looking at this position, among many talented individuals, it is clear to this writer why CP3 is the choice for top PG in the Association. What does he not do? Okay, okay, he does not block shots, but fantasy teams will try to get those elsewhere. In all seriousness, the guy is an all-around stud worthy of a top five overall (maybe higher) selection. Paul gives owners a terrific shooting percentage, the ability to hit the three (a MUST for our guards), adequate rebounding, and sufficient amount of scoring as well. But now for the goodies – CP3 is a legit candidate to lead the league in assists and steals! What a great player to build your fantasy basketball championship team around.

Shooting Guard – Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat
We got blocks! Oh yeah and everything else too! While we would like to see more triples attempted and made, nothing else excites as much as drafting Dwyaaaaaane Waaaaaaade. Look at his production – the man shoots 50% from the field and he shoots a ton and his rebounding average is way above the rest of other shooting guards. Combined with his steals and the aforementinoed top scoring prowess, this man is truly and clearly, the choice for top two guard available.

Small Forward – LeBron James, Miami Heat
The best player at small forward, the best player in the game! With honorable mention to Kevin Durant, there really is no one close to the King. No one! James flirts with a triple-double every night and his all-around talent is ridiculous. Having his production is like getting two players in one. That is two All-Stars! If you are blessed to have the first pick in the draft, don’t even bother for the draft to begin. Announce your pick as soon as the draft order has been revealed! And if you are playing in an auction league, enter the room ready to break the bank and set no buget!

Power Forward – Kevin Love, Minnesota Timberwolves
Twenty points, 15 rebounds, more than a three-pointer per game with a great FT% for a big man? Sign me up! It is not that easy to find the big man that can shoot free-throws with such great touch. We understand it is easy to overlook the following due to this stud’s video game numbers, but Love lacks in the defensive categories with blocks and steals. However, those stats should be kept in mind when drafting in later rounds. Consider yourself lucky if Love falls to you with a top draft selection.

Center – Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic
Here we have the most dominant big man in the game. And when I say big, I mean BIG. Like huge! Let’s just get this out of the way – Howard can’t shoot free throws. However, D12 is way, way, waaaay above the rest in all the other major categories. Take this guy with a top-five selection and reap the benefits over the rest of your competition! With big man scarcity, Superman is easily the choice at center.

What a great way to start the season off! Let’s leave off till next week with this great quote from Kevin Garnett, “Anything is possible!

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