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Blake Griffin Talking About NBA 2K13

Blake Griffin is a bad man on the court. When he leaves his feet, it’s either to cram a nasty power dunk, grab a board, sky over an unfortunate defensive player before he crams a nasty power dunk, reject a shot, or sell posters as he skys over some dummy before cramming a nasty power dunk. You get the picture?

As engaging as Griffin can be as we fortunate souls get to see him throw down unbelievable slams, he’s just as engaging in his commercials because of his raw comedic ability. In his latest foray, this time with 2K Sports, Griffin talks with the Lucas Brothers about what he wants to do, which just happens to be everything. Check the video below:

At first when Griffin mentioned he was going to win All-Star weekend, I thought there was a chance he meant he was going to do the slam dunk contest again. I have to admit, I got a little hyped, but then Griffin just kept going about the other events during NBA All-Star Weekend and my heart dropped a bit. I’m man enough to admit that. But, that’s how good Griffin’s comedic delivery and pacing has gotten… he turned me into a little girl!

But, no joke, the slam dunk contest has basically become a joke and needs some star power in it. Naturally, I’d want Blake Griffin in it, but how about LeBron James? Kobe Bryant for one last hurrah? Is it too much to ask for? Probably. So, you’ll probably need to get NBA 2K13 when it comes out October 2nd to make any of the aforementioned happen. (And, no 2K Sports did not pay me for saying that… although I think they should!)

If you want to see the All-Star trailer for NBA 2K13, appreciate the below video because there’s some old school legends in it:

Cop it!

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