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Dwight Howard, Goofball At Pop-A-Shot

Dwight Howard, on a trip to China representing adidas, took part in a game of Pop-A-Shot for the cameras. From watching the video below, it looks like Howard’s competition was all business and had his form and stroke going like a robot. Dude had nice spin on the ball and was basically automatic.

Dwight? Well, let’s just say he wanted to ham it up instead for the media and didn’t take this game all that seriously. I mean, why should he, right? It’s not like real basketball where he could use his athleticism and height to defeat his diminutive competitor. No way! So, on just about an even playing field, D12 instead elects to goof around.

Surprised by this behavior from Howard? Of course you’re not! Basically known for not taking things seriously in the first place, it became evident this past year that Dwight’s lack of seriousness bordered on the line of immaturity and “really, bro, you’re a grown ass man!” Check the video out below:

Yeah, you saw that right, folks. Eventually, D12 resorts to actually blocking a dude in a Pop-A-Shot game. For real? How about making shots instead? Now, imagine Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant at this event instead of Dwight. Tell me they wouldn’t try to metaphorically rip this guy’s throat out.

Okay, so maybe I’m coming across as a Dwight Howard Hater right now, but I just can’t condone the tactics he employed with the Orlando Magic or how he did the kids at his own Orlando basketball camp dirty by not showing up. He can fly out to China, but couldn’t get to Orlando just a mere couple of weeks ago?

It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe I’ll eventually dig Dwight again, but not now. I’m going the D12 route and being immature about it.

(H/T to Ball Don’t Lie)

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