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Charles Barkley Sings Boyz II Men’s End Of The Road, Turribly

Charles Barkley is my basketball role model, no matter how much he refuses to be. Barkley just is. He’s undeniably my favorite NBA player of all-time as I have jerseys and shirts of the man, including one shirt that’s about 25 years old. No joke. I love the man as heterosexually as is possible for another man to do so.

The above disclaimer of my man-love out of the way, Charles Barkley is a turrible singer. Just turrible. In the below video, Barkley steps up on the karaoke stage and sings Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” and, honestly, standing there in complete silence and looking awkward would have been a better look for Barkley. However, he lucks out when members of Boyz II Men actually show up to save him on stage! Check the video below:

Charles Barkley and the singing group were in Raleigh, North Carolina, taking part in the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic to raise money for cancer research. After hitting the links, a bunch of the celebrities hit the karaoke bar. It apparently included ESPN’s Stuart Scott and Jay Harris, both of whom appear in the following video with Barkley, who was a pathetic hype man:

Damn, Stuart Scott killed the mic, didn’t he? In any case, you have to love Charles Barkley because he seems game for anything, even if he doesn’t have any business to be a part of it. Pass the earplugs, Sir Charles!

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