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Toronto Raptors take it back to the Rogers Centre for commercial

You’ve probably seen the Toronto Raptors’ first Season 18 Is Coming commercial already, which only comes in at a measly 21 seconds. Well, the next installment has been released and it’s a little more heavy at about one minute long and brings Raptors fan back to where it all started! Watch the video:

17 years ago, the Raptors made their debut at the Rogers Centre, which was then known as the Sky Dome at the time. So, as an homage for their 18th season, the franchise thought they’d bring it back and show the team training there as they prepare for the NBA season.

The workouts look tough, but I’m a fat guy that blogs, so the simple act of walking seems tough. In all seriousness, going through pain and suffering like this should bring the team closer together and the Toronto Raptors have youth on their side for the most part, so this season should build a good base for the next few. In any case, it’s going to be a tough season for the team, but you should never discount youthful enthusiasm. Bon chance, Raps!


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