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Fantasy Basketball: 2012-13 Baller Mind Frame Mock Draft – Round Seven to Thirteen

We have arrived for the start of round seven. At this stage of our own Baller Mind Frame Mock Draft, we have reached the point where rosters are settling in place and teams are beginning to realize what categories they have and what they might not. Preference also factors in as some fantasy basketball managers like upside while others put more weight in a player’s history.

Trying to accurately assess each player from here on out can be described as such: You go to a bar or a nightclub looking for that perfect other (joined a league). The place is dark, but you have your eye on a few possibles (almost your turn in the draft). Finally, the right opportunity is there for you to make your move (it’s your pick). Conversation went well and you’ve set up a date (pick has been made and the season starts). You meet up for dinner to see what this person is all about (did you draft value)?

What I will attempt to do here, and it won’t be imitating Dr. Ruth, is try to give you an idea which players could provide value and outperform their Average Draft Position (ADP). However, the real time we find out about the personality and character of our date/draft pick is when the season begins.

Since fantasy basketball requires us to fill positions, we may notice there are similar type players drafted from here on out and whether they were drafted slightly earlier or later would squarely be placed on what an owner’s preference is. Beverage of choice may also factor in.

Below is a quick review of the seventh through thirteenth rounds. And away we go…

Round 7

1. Jason Hahn (@FBasketballBlog) – Nikola Pekovic, MIN: Solid performer that will duplicate last year.
2. Chris Towers (@CTowersCBS) – Bradley Beal, WAS: Playing time is to be determined, but upside is there.
3. Eric Andrews (@aka_MR-FANTASY) – Andrea Bargnani, TOR: Lacks defensive stats, but treys and points aplenty.
4. Eric Mack (@EricMackFantasy) – Kris Humphries, BKN: Dub-Dub machine. Boring unless Kim Kardashian is on his arm.
5. Nels Wadycki (@GiveMeTheRock) – Jeremy Lin, HOU: Overnight sensation. Has the reins, but McHale has the power.
6. Patrick Madden (@PatrickAMadden) – Manu Ginobili, SA: Always outperforms ADP. Does age catch up this year?
7. Aaron Bruski (@AaronBruski) – Gordon Hayward, UTA: Underwhelming numbers, albeit across the board.
8. Tracy Fay (smartly, a Twitter Luddite) – Zach Randolph, MEM: Basically, Z-Bo is Kris Humphries with no chance of landing Kim Kardashian.
9. Brian Flood (@BrianSFlood) – Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, CHA: Love the upside/potential. The next Scottie Pippen.
10. David Klyce (@HoopsKlyce) – Wesley Matthews, POR: Terrific for threes and points. Not much else to offer.
11. Dennis Velasco (@BallerMindFrame) – Luis Scola, PHO: Basically Z-Bo with a chance at a Latin Kim Kardashian.
12. Erik Ong (@FantasyHoopla) – Anderson Varejao, CLE: A poor man’s Joakim Noah. Terrific value here.

Round 8

1. Erik Ong – Andrei Kirilenko, MIN: Solid steals/blocks with a helping of other goodies.
2. Dennis Velasco – Andrew Bogut, GS: Terrific history of producing when healthy. Great pick.
3. David Klyce – Derrick Rose, CHI: Only worth a pick if your league has a designated IR.
4. Brian Flood – J.R. Smith, NY: Draft room groaned with this pick. Only threes to me, so I was not one.
5. Tracy Fay – Brandon Knight, DET: Really like this pick. Should outperform last year.
6. Aaron Bruski – Arron Afflalo, ORL: Nice overall game in a new situation.
7. Patrick Madden – Nene, WAS: Produces solid stats when healthy, but foot problems linger.
8. Nels Wadycki – Michael Beasley, PHO: Talent and new surroundings has us as a buyer.
9. Eric Mack – Evan Turner, PHI: Ball will be in his hands often. Terrific upside. More threes?
10. Eric Andrews – Lou Williams, ATL: Opportunity and playing time is available. Should shine as a starter.
11. Chris Towers – Jeff Teague, ATL: Steals are nice. Athletic point guard with a bright future.
12. Jason Hahn – Derrick Favors, UTA: A steal if he starts. Great stash to find out.

Round 9

1. Jason Hahn – Samuel Dalembert, MIL: Defensive presence sure to be welcomed by Scott Skiles.
2. Chris Towers – Chandler Parsons, HOU: Played well last year as a rookie, but a lot of competition for PT.
3. Eric Andrews – Kawhi Leonard, SA: Coach Pop likes him, which is good enough for me.
4. Eric Mack – DeMar DeRozan, TOR: Points galore, but empty elsewhere.
5. Nels Wadycki – Thaddeus Young, PHI: Looking for a starting spot. Nice upside.
6. Patrick Madden – Kevin Martin, HOU: A top pick a little while back. Injuries are a concern.
7. Aaron Bruski – Isaiah Thomas, SAC: Can he sustain the value he has last season when he admirably stepped in?
8. Tracy Fay – Jason Terry, BOS: Big shoes to fill. A lot of competition at shooting guard. Good for threes.
9. Brian Flood – Chris Kaman, DAL: New surroundings for a player with better than average skills.
10. David Klyce – Rodney Stuckey, DET: Terrific real life player needs to hit treys to vault up the rankings.
11. Dennis Velasco – Darren Collison, DAL: Starting lead guard who should out-produce last year’s numbers.
12. Erik Ong – Ricky Rubio, MIN: Smart pick if he can come back healthy. I have faith.

Round 10

1. Erik Ong – David West, IND: Terrific pick. Produces similar to players drafted earlier.
2. Dennis Velasco – DeAndre Jordan, LAC: Strictly blocks, so be prepared for a ton of them.
3. David Klyce – Brandon Bass, BOS: Good big man who can actually shoot free throws. Nice.
4. Brian Flood – Jameer Nelson, ORL: If you need to fill the point guard position late, here’s your man.
5. Tracy Fay – Andrew Nicholson, ORL: Versatile rookie who could get PT in a hurry.
6. Aaron Bruski – Jared Dudley, PHO: Should hit threes, but competition for playing time is too great.
7. Patrick Madden – Spencer Hawes, PHI: Could start at power forward. Solid pick at this stage.
8. Nels Wadycki – Trevor Ariza, WAS: Athletic swing man that is as streaky as they come.
9. Eric Mack – Gerald Henderson, CHA: Good scorer, but not enough upside elsewhere.
10. Eric Andrews – Greivis Vasquez, NO: Starting point guard that produced nicely when he got a shot.
11. Chris Towers – Taj Gibson, CHI: Starting gig would vault him up five rounds.
12. Jason Hahn – Glen Davis, ORL: More PT this year is nice. No blocks/steals is not.

Round 11

1. Jason Hahn – Carlos Delfino, HOU: Inconsistent. Many threes with some steals, but PT is a question.
2. Chris Towers – Andre Miller, DEN: Backup point guard shows flashes, but no upside to speak of.
3. Eric Andrews – Andray Blatche, BKN: Backup 4/5. Much to prove, but will he work for it?
4. Eric Mack – Dion Waiters, CLE: High draft choice on a bad team should get his chance.
5. Nels Wadycki – Brandon Rush, GS: Good player that’s still looking for a shot at consistent time.
6. Patrick Madden – Ray Allen, MIA: Hall of Famer strictly a one-category pony.
7. Aaron Bruski – Danny Green, SA: Decent, but gains value if others are injured or rested.
8. Tracy Fay – Bismack Biyombo, CHA: Shot blocker who can lead the league in rejections.
9. Brian Flood – Jeff Green, BOS: Pulling for this player to be healthy and productive.
10. David Klyce – Kevin Seraphin, WAS: Stepped in nicely when given a chance. Nice upside.
11. Dennis Velasco – George Hill, IND: Starting point guard at this point is terrific value.
12. Erik Ong – Hedo Turkoglu, ORL: Nice treys and above average assists, but age is a concern.

Round 12

1. Erik Ong – Omer Asik, HOU: Terrific rebounder and defender. Will get consistent PT.
2. Dennis Velasco – Austin Rivers, NO: Same mold as Stephen Curry. Can Rivers play the point?
3. David Klyce – Mario Chalmers, MIA: Steals and threes plus starts. Solid pick.
4. Brian Flood – Alonzo Gee, CLE: Too many players competing for the same spot.
5. Tracy Fay – Kendall Marshall, PHO: Only has to fill in the shoes of Goran Dragic who is now filling in the shoes of Steve Nash. Good luck to both.
6. Aaron Bruski – Tristan Thompson, CLE: Amazing potential and upside here. Beware free throws though.
7. Patrick Madden – Channing Frye, PHO: Had an unfortunate incident recently. Get healthy.
8. Nels Wadycki – Drew Gooden, MIL: Should split minutes between the 4/5 spots and post respectable numbers.
9. Eric Mack – Harrison Barnes,  GS: Total wildcard. At this point it’s worth a shot.
10. Eric Andrews – Andre Drummond, DET: Same as above with Barnes.
11. Chris Towers – Jose Calderon, TOR: A trade could do wonders for him as he will backup Lowry right now.
12. Jason Hahn – Tony Allen, MEM: Great steals, but not much upside for anything else.

Round 13

1. Jason Hahn – Antawn Jamison, LAL: Surefire bet to see a sharp decline in production.
2. Chris Towers – J.J. Hickson, POR: Decent player for points and rebounds, but lacks anything else.
3. Eric Andrews – Kirk Hinrich, CHI: Enjoy early in the season if/until Rose returns.
4. Eric Mack – Emeka Okafor, WAS: New surroundings for a player who should post typical boards and blocks numbers.
5. Nels Wadycki – Jason Thompson, SAC: Same mold as J.J. above.
6. Patrick Madden – Wilson Chandler, DEN: Love it if I knew he would get PT. Might be tough.
7. Aaron Bruski – Royce White, HOU: Love this kid.
8. Tracy Fay – Dorell Wright, PHI: Had one great year. Will he get the opportunity again? Nah.
9. Brian Flood – Al Harrington, ORL: Injured now, but a nice stash.
10. David Klyce – Ramon Sessions, CHA: Backup point guard who may not get a shot to start if Walker does well.
11. Dennis Velasco – MarShon Brooks, BKN: Sixth man should provide scoring off the bench.
12. Erik Ong – Jonas Valanciunas, TOR: Love the unknown. Great upside. Mr. Irrelevant.

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