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Fantasy Basketball: 2012-13 Baller Mind Frame Mock Draft – Round Five

Brian Flood contributes to Baller Mind Frame for this review; he is a participant in BMF’s mock draft. – DV

Flood is back. Like Jordan, wearin’ the 4-5.

Not really. This situation is more similar to Adam Morrison returning to the NBA on a non-guaranteed deal with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Some background… From 2004-09, I was a fantasy sports writer for both CBS Sports and Writing got the kibosh for a job at the NFL League Office and a chance to wear fancy suits on a daily basis. Luckily, I have naked/incriminating pictures of Dennis saved on iCloud, so he hesitantly allowed me to recap Round 5 of the Baller Mind Frame Mock Draft.

Here are the particulars: ROTO, 12-team league, standard nine categories (points, assists, rebounds, FG%, FT%, three-pointers, steals, blocks, turnovers), roster (PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, Util, BN, BN, BN, BN).

Fifth Round Results:

1. Jason Hahn (@FBasketballBlog) – Goran Dragic, Phoenix Suns
66 G; 11.7 PPG; 5.3 APG; 2.5 RPG; 46.2 FG%; 80.5 FT%; 1.0 3PTMPG; 1.3 SPG; 0.2 BPG; 2.4 TOPG

Dragic isn’t a sexy pick. He’s not trendy and won’t be on anyone’s “must-have” player list. However, Dragic is a crafty fantasy pick because he produces when given the chance. In 28 starts for Houston last season, he averaged 18 points, eight assists, two steals, and a couple of threes. Phoenix signed him to a four-year, $30 million deal and is depending on him to play big minutes. It’s interesting to see Gogi’s name appear this early in a mock draft, but he can easily justify the selection.

2. Chris Towers (@CTowersCBS) – Roy Hibbert, Indiana Pacers
65 G; 12.8 PPG; 1.7 APG; 8.8 RPG; 49.7 FG%; 71.1 FT%; 0.0 3PTMPG; 0.5 SPG; 2.0 BPG; 2.0 TOPG

In a two-center league, this is an absolute steal. I was praying he’d fall to me later in this round. Hibbert just got paid like an elite center, and if he continues to improve, he’ll actually deserve it. Hibbert could easily out-produce Serge Ibaka, who went in Round 1. There aren’t too many quality big men in the NBA and Hibbert is among the best. Very safe pick.

3. Eric Andrews (@aka_MR-FANTASY) – Amar’e Stoudemire, New York Knicks
47 G; 17.5 PPG; 1.1 APG; 7.8 RPG; 48.3 FG%; 76.5 FT%; 0.1 3PTMPG; 0.8 SPG; 1.0 BPG; 2.4 TOPG

If you hate fire extinguishers, Amar’e is probably your favorite player in the NBA. All jokes aside, the Knicks are paying Stoudemire about 20 million dollars this season and so far, he’s saying all the right things. Working with Hakeem Olajuwon can’t hurt his offensive game and STAT promises to be re-committed to defense under a full season of Mike Woodson. Stoudemire recently used words such as “incredible” and “dedicated” when asked about the upcoming season. Don’t forget Stoudemire is still only 29 and enters this season healthy and motivated. Just a few years ago he was a fantasy superstar and this season could win leagues for owners that take the mid-round gamble… IF he can co-exist with Melo and backs up the offseason banter. Eric Andrews is such a shrewd fantasy player that I gained confidence in STAT because of this pick.

4. Eric Mack (@EricMackFantasy) – Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics
60 G; 15.8 PPG; 2.9 APG; 8.2 RPG; 50.3 FG%; 85.7 FT%; 0.1 3PTMPG; 0.9 SPG; 1.0 BPG; 1.8 TOPG

The future first-ballot Hall of Famer isn’t an elite fantasy player anymore. However, he’s still a very serviceable one. In this format, Garnett was the eleventh-ranked player over the last 60 days of last season. Not too shabby for a fifth-round pick. If he wasn’t 36-years-old, most publications would rank him significantly higher. Best of all, since every league has a few “lesser owners” and KG has so much star power, you can probably offer him to a fantasy amateur for more than he’s worth after a few big games.

5. Nels Wadycki (@GiveMeTheRock) – Paul George, Indiana Pacers
66 G; 12.1 PPG; 2.4 APG; 5.6 RPG; 44.0 FG%; 80.2 FT%; 1.4 3PTMPG; 1.6 SPG; 0.6 BPG; 1.8 TOPG

If you want a young player with two first names, terrible three-point percentage, and a boatload of upside: George is your guy. The Pacers seem intent on making George a featured scorer this season and his game is versatile enough to be a terrific fantasy player if things work out. He scored 12.1 points per game last season, and that number could approach the 15-20 range if he would stop chucking long-distance bricks. The kid took 234 three-pointers last season in 66 games! That’s unacceptable in my rec league! However, George can throw it down with the best of them and if Frank Vogel can get him to take it to basket and posterize people more often, we’re looking at a future fantasy star. Think Andre Iguodala.

6. Patrick Madden (@PatrickAMadden) – Luol Deng, Chicago Bulls
54 G; 15.3 PPG; 2.9 APG; 6.5 RPG; 41.2 FG%; 77.0 FT%; 1.5 3PTMPG; 1.0 SPG; 0.7 BPG; 1.8 TOPG

Deng might not have much upside left, but he’s as consistent as they come. Pencil in 15+ points, 5-7 rebounds per game, a few threes, a steal, and even some assists. He should be in line for more shots with Derrick Rose out to start the year, but keep an eye on the nagging wrist that plagued Deng during the Olympics. He could also be fatigued after playing big minutes for Great Britain in London, but technically we could say the same thing about LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, et al.

7. Aaron Bruski (@AaronBruski) – Ersan Ilyasova, Milwaukee Bucks
60 G; 13.0 PPG; 1.2 APG; 8.8 RPG; 49.2 FG%; 78.1 FT%; 0.9 3PTMPG; 0.7 SPG; 0.7 BPG; 1.3 TOPG

Ilyasova does a little bit of everything, in a relatively boring way. You know we’re living in the future when he goes off the draft board before Tim Duncan, Chris Bosh, Gerald Wallace, Zach Randolph, and Manu Ginobili. Bruski must be banking on Ilyasova to improve, which is something Ilyasova is very good at. Last season he was the runner-up for the league’s Most Improved Player Award and another statistical increase would justify this pick.

8. Tracy Fay (smartly, a Twitter Luddite) – Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers
32 G; 24.5 PPG; 4.0 APG; 5.0 RPG; 46.7 FG%; 88.7 FT%; 2.9 3PTMPG; 1.5 SPG; 0.2 BPG; 2.3 TOPG (Weber State)

Novice fantasy players might be thinking, “who?” However, Lillard will be a household name before long. The legitimate Rookie of the Year candidate has lofty goals. The scoring point guard has stated “I want to be an All-Star in the next few years, and after that, I want to be in the Olympics in 2016.” The Weber State product will be a trendy selection on draft day and you’ll have to grab him in the early-to-middle rounds to cash in on his immense potential. This kid is a stud.

9. Brian Flood (@BrianSFlood) – Tony Parker, San Antonio Spurs
60 G; 18.3 PPG; 7.7 APG; 2.9 RPG; 48.0 FG%; 79.9 FT%; 0.2 3PTMPG; 1.0 SPG; 0.1 BPG; 2.6 TOPG

Imagine if Stephen Jackson, J.R. Smith, or even Metta World Peace got shards of glass in their eye because of a late-night fight at a nightclub. Media would label them as “thugs” and the average NBA fan would consider them liabilities. However, when the French-born, pop-culture icon Parker needed eye surgery after Drake and Chris Brown went Thug Life at club W.i.P. this summer, nobody seemed to care. This is clearly a case of media bias and an obvious double-standard. Anyway, my team needed some street cred and Parker was the best point guard on the board. He won’t hit a ton of triples, but if a guard can shoot 50 percent from the field and score 15+ per night… sign me up. I’ll be praying the eyeball is okay and he never dates Rihanna.

10. David Klyce (@HoopsKlyce) – Javale McGee, Denver Nuggets
61 G; 11.3 PPG; 0.5 APG; 7.8 RPG; 55.6 FG%; 46.1 FT%; 0.0 3PTM; 0.6 SPG; 2.2 BPG; 1.4 TOPG

You know how Dwight Howard is a complete stud, but scares fantasy owners because of his tragic free throw percentage? If all goes as planned this season, McGee could be in a similar situation. Hakeem Olajuwon, who seems to have time to work with every NBA player, says Mcgee could “dominate” this season. The big man should thrive with a full season in Denver and he’s capable of putting up first round fantasy numbers, but the career 58 percent from the charity stripe is something to take into consideration for your fantasy basketball squad.

11. Dennis Velasco (@BallerMindFrame) – Tyson Chandler, New York Knicks
62 G; 11.3 PPG; 0.9 APG; 9.9 RPG; 67.9 FG%; 68.9 FT%; 0.0 3PTMPG; 0.9 SPG; 1.4 BPG; 1.6 TOPG

The reigning Defensive Player of the Year is a great value at this stage in the draft. Like Hibbert, he’s significantly more exciting in two-center leagues. Chandler will stabilize your field-goal percentage, grab close to double-digit boards, and block a decent amount of shots. He’s probably more valuable in real basketball than fantasy, but he’s healthy and you know what you’re going to get. Pending injury, this is the safest pick of the fifth round.

12. Erik Ong (@FantasyHoopla) – Mo Williams, Utah Jazz
52 G; 13.2 PPG; 3.1 APG; 1.9 RPG; 42.6 FG%; 90.0 FT%; 1.8 3PTMPG; 1.0 SPG; 0.1 BPG; 1.7 TOPG

Williams’ career comes full circle as he returns to the Jazz, where he played as a rookie in 2003. It’s a little surprising to see him selected ahead of sexier, but similar, players such as Eric Gordon, O.J. Mayo, and even Jeremy Lin. Mo’s best days are probably behind him, but he is still capable of scoring about 15 a night with a handful of assists and some steals. The terrific free-throw percentage is a nice bonus, but there is very little upside here.

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