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Blake Griffin hits a three-quarter court shot during open practice

During a Los Angeles Clippers open practice for fans, Blake Griffin showed that he can do more than just dunk by hitting a three-quarter court shot

The Los Angeles Clippers held an open practice for fans to see the likes of Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and the rest of the Clippers crew for what’s sure to be an excellent season for them. Upon fans’ urging for him to take a shot from the free throw line and shoot it in the basket on the other side of the court, Griffin attempts the shot… and makes it. If only Griffin, who shot 52.1% from the charity stripe last season, could shoot free throws like that all the time.

Unfortunately, an embedded video is not possible at this time, but hit this link to see the amazing shot on YouTube.

UPDATE: Here’s the video…

(H/T to Reddit/NBA)

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