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Jeremy Evans owns Ronny Turiaf: ridiculous block and dunk

Jeremy Evans showed why he was the slam dunk champion last season with a nasty block and even nastier facial dunk on Ronny Turiaf

The last slam dunk contest during NBA All-Star Weekend was a dud. Just horrendous. It really needs to get some stars back in it to make it exciting again. I mean, the Utah Jazz’s Jeremy Evans won the whole shebang and most people outside of Salt Lake City were scratching their heads asking, “Who?” Of course, there’s no denying that Evans can sky, especially after watching the following video that Los Angeles Clippers player, Ronny Turiaf, will want to quickly forget about:

There’s no way to really say it other than… damn. Evans gets some serious lift on his block of Turiaf’s jumper, hustles to grab the ball, and then does a funky facial on Turiaf! However, it doesn’t end there as Evans then hustles back on defense and gets a deflection! You think Evans is hungry to stay with the Jazz? It’s undeniable!

All that said, last season’s slam dunk competition was atrocious! However, I’m probably just spoiled (and old) because I watched the 1980s contests as they were happening live. Now get off my lawn!

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