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Allen Iverson Turns Down Fantasy League Invite


Allen Iverson  facing the facts of his legacy tarnished & financial issues mounting, wants back into the NBA. He was offered an olive branch so to speak in the form of a fantasy basketball invite, as part of his road back to the NBA.

While he remains hopeful of getting one last shot at the NBA but says he’s turning down the opportunity to launch his comeback in the NBA Rulees Fantasy League.

Iverson, via his Twitter feed, said Tuesday that he’s passing on an offer from Frankie Buckets to join his Fantasy League, the NBA Rulees.

Iverson tweeted: “I thank Frankie and the NBA Rulees Fantasy league for the consideration and while I think the Fantasy League offer is a great opportunity, it is not the route for me.”

Iverson added: “I realize my actions contributed to my early departure from the NBA, should God provide me another opportunity I will give it my all. … My dream has always been to complete my legacy in the NBA.

“To my fans, I love yall! Not a day goes by that I am not asked when am I coming back, we all must accept that my return is not up to just me.”

When asked for a reaction to Allen’s comments, Frankie had this to say: “Well, I mean we needed replacements owners and all. Some of these owners we have now just plain suck . I don’t want to name names, well I do, but I wont.  You know how some of these blogers are, they join a league and just never set their lineups. But yeah, I figured with him not being all that busy he might be interested in getting in on some fantasy basketball action. I don’t know, maybe someone will send a D-League offer his way? I just wish Allen the best and hope he gets another shot in the NBA.”

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