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NBA Uniform Watch 2013


By Sandy Dover

Plenty of this season’s NBA teams have optioned for changes in their uniforms, presenting a pool of squads who differ from the tiniest bit to the largest of sweeping changes. In a short series highlighting the changes, Baller Mind Frame will cover some of the aesthetic positives and negatives of select teams who have added something new to their on-court wear or have totally started from scratch. 


Charlotte Bobcats 

It was an unnecessary change from before, but not a bad change. You can see that Michael Jordan keeps progressively bringing that sky blue and navy blue into the Bobcats color scheme (a la North Carolina), and suppressing the orange. The previous uniforms were more classic, but these are still somewhat unique. 


Brooklyn Nets 

A major redesign that was not only necessary, but excellent. The simple black and white is a great, original scheme. The only thing is that those two hues are so stark, they can be visually boring if the team that plays in them stinks. 


New York Knickerbockers 

This is another necessary change BACK to the past. The black trim of the previous 16 years was really a bad trend that the Knicks picked up, so a switch back to the scoopneck collars and old styling was welcomed. My only qualm is really that the arm trim is disrupted at the chest, which is non-functional and off-putting. Otherwise, the Knicks look great. 


Sandy Dover is a contributing writer for Baller Mind Frame and a veteran feature columnist for Yahoo!, SLAM, and The Shadow League, among other major publications. Also a media producer and published author, Sandy is an industry specialist concerning the NBA, footwear and sportwear product, lifestyle & fashion, and fitness & training. You can find Sandy at and Tweet him at @San_Dova.

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