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NBA All-Star Valentines Day Dunk Fest


Valentines Day,  is a day where love is meant to be (bought) shared. Whether the gesture consists of a glittery bedazzled card, flowers that will die too soon, dinner at a stuffy Italian joint, or tragically expensive old shiny rocks set in gold.

Let’s just be honest, this is like Christmas for girls plain and simple.

If you are a guy, in a committed relationship, like me, you will (un)fortunately be forking over cold hard cash on at least one or all of the aforementioned niceties. Is it worth it? Yes, and I will tell you why.

NBA All-Star weekend is right around the corner!  

How else do you expect to get by watching three straight days of  basketball without hearing  about it from your (gorgeous, extremely understanding, and  never overbearing) significant other? Simple, by knocking it out of the freaking park on Valentines day stupid! Spare no expense, buy “the” ring if you have to dammit! You do want to watch the game, right? Plus, if you do everything just right, you might get to sneak in the endless hours of NBA related programming leading up the festivities.

We are talking pre-pre-game shows here people!

Now that I have done my part to ensure your significant other has a wonderful Valentines day, and (most importantly) you get to enjoy the NBA All-Star weekend, what else possibly could I give to humanity?

Well, because I am a “giver”, and the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest is soooo close, lets check out what these contestants have in store for us on Saturday.

Welcome to the 2013 Valentines Day Dunk Fest.

First up, defending his title of 2012 Sprite Slam Dunk champion.

Jeremy Evans

I had to give a shout-out to the defending champ, now check out the rest of the field in no particular order.

Gerald Green

Eric Bledsoe

Kenneth “Manimal” Faried

James “Flight” White

Terrence Ross

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