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Spurs-Warriors Game 2 Retroactive Log: Made of Klay


1st Quarter

10:27 Tony Parker opens the Spurs’ scoring with back-to-back patented pull-up 2s.

9:33 Steph Curry hits his second 3—a runner off one leg. This is his last made deep-ball of the hame.

8:46 Tim Duncan pumps and pops off glass, his second hoop in a row. 8-6 Spurs.

7:54 Steph air-balls a 3, something so unlikely the ref blows the whistle and settles on a Danny Green foul.

6:39 Klay Thompson heating up with 5 points on straight possessions.

4:37 Klay hook shot. I can’t decide if “Klay Hook” sounds more like a rap name or a New England vacation spot.

2nd Quarter

10:55 In one beautiful, fluid motion, Manu drives, hits and complains about a no-call. 30-27 Warriors.

10:07 Steph dribbles into a side-fading jumper. Swish. My mom: “Wow. That was nice, right?” Yes, mom. And yes, reader, I watched this game at my parents’ house.

9:40 According to Dick Stockton, when Bonner dribbles towards the hoop and shoots a fearful one-handed hook from 10 feet, he’s “attacking the basket.”

8:00 Festus Ezeli tip-stuff is followed by five straight points for Klay, capping a 9-0 run. 44-31 Warriors.

5:54 Parker responds with a flurry: six points and a dish to Kawhi Leonardfor a Spurs response.

4:07 Klay hits from deep, followed by three consecutive bricks from distance for Danny Green, followed by yet another triple from Thompson. 23 for him now.

2:10 Harrison Barnes jabs and hits for the Warriors’ largest lead, 56-41. Tim answers with sweeping lay-in from the post.

At the half: Golden State: 62; Spurs: 43 (Steph and Klay: 42 and 0 turnovers)

3rd Quarter

8:33 Thompson slams home a feed from Curry for the Warriors’ largest lead yet of the night, 69-49.

7:43 Danny Green 3 cuts lead to 15. The Alamodome is brimming with intensity.

2:45 Ginobili strip and lay-in, giving the Spurs 6 straight at the rim. 75-62 Warriors

2:17 Technical foul on Ezeli for … jumping? Saying (to himself) “my god”? Chris Webber disagrees from the booth: “You need emotion in this game.” True. 75-64.

1:43 Hack-a-Bogut I: Makes FTs. Danny Green 3 cuts lead to 10.

1:39 Hack-a-Bogut II: 2 ugly bricks. Spurs miss from 3, but Gary Neal connects after a tip-out. Timeout. Bogut sits. 77-70 Warriors.

0:00 Klay huge 3 at buzzer on awkward crosscourt Jarrett Jack feed. 83-72.

4th Quarter

8:30 Tiago Splitter and Parker brick consecutive point-blank lay-in attempts and draw more groans than are found at the Alamodome during a Spurs Rodeo Road Trip. (That’s a livestock joke for all you city-folk.)

8:06 Neal pulls up on the break to cut lead the Warriors lead to 86-78.

6:39 Duncan and Parker sink back-to-back jumpers, but Draymond responds with a 3. 91-82 Warriors

4:22 Ginobili 3 is answered by a Steph circus scoop. 97-89

Who is Deon Cole and why do 5-year-olds write his jokes?

2:40 CWebb: “What a play call by Popovich,” but Kawhi misses the wide open 3.

1:55 Steph dagger pull-up 3. 99-89.

Final: 100-91, Golden State

As Shaq noted (repeatedly) after the game, Klay Thompson was just too “Hot hot hot hot” for the Spurs, whose valiant comeback attempts met Golden State responses throughout the night. Duncan and Parker dropped 23 and 20, respectively, but it wasn’t enough to match Curry’s 22 and Klay’s 34 and eight 3s. With the series tied at one, Gregg Popovich needs Parker’s scoring but can ill afford him to be mismatched guarding any member of the Warriors backcourt rotation. It will be interesting to see how the team attacks Golden State defensively through the rest of the series.

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