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NBA Playlist Poetics: Rock Bottom Blues

Image courtesy of Lisby/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Lisby/Flickr.

The dog days of the NBA are upon us and some teams are playing like strays, in search of food and shelter by way of the Draft Lottery. Poetry and iTunes playlists collide in a brief examination of tanking and rebuilding in the NBA.

Just lost, but don’t know whether to laugh or Cry Baby Cry,

Alas, shrug your shoulders and tell the fans, “we all try.”

To win? No, seems like you’re Trying your Luck.

To win, Just Lose It – first you have to suck.

The unmerciful NBA, being caught in The Middle is no fun,

If you want to get to 10, you have to turn Five to One,

Everyone dreams of seeing those Better Dayz,

Before that, though, comes Pain: the rebuilding phase.

But losses are mounting, they say, How Many More Times?

Wait Until Tomorrow, you reply, avoiding their eyes.

Only one way to get better, Do What I Gotta Do

– words of a GM singing the Rock Bottom blues.


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