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Chicago Bulls sign Jimmer Fredette from waivers

Photo courtesy of RMTip21/Flickr.

Photo courtesy of RMTip21/Flickr.

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Jimmer Fredette made his debut for the Bulls on Sunday shortly after signing with Chicago for the rest of the season.

The third-year guard played three minutes of garbage time to help close out Chicago’s 109-90 home victory over New York. Fredette, wearing jersey No. 32, knocked down his first shot, finishing with two points (on 1-for-2 shooting) and two rebounds.

Earlier Sunday, the Bulls announced the signing of Fredette, who was recently bought out by the Kings, for the rest of the 2013-14 season. Fredette is eligible for the playoffs.

“We are very excited to add a player like Jimmer to our roster,” Bulls GM Gary Forman said in a statement. “We’ve followed him closely throughout his collegiate and professional career, and believe he’ll be the type of player that will fit in with our group and be an asset to the team.” Sports Illustrated

I’m very sad to admit that I’m still hoping that Derrick Rose comes back this season. It’s one of the more horrible kinds of withdrawal. Why else would the financially cheap Bulls sign Fredette? – AL

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