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Joakim Noah makes fun of Melo to Bulls rumors

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Joakim Noah said it all.


Similarly, there are tens of reports about Phil Jackson that cite “sources” with contradictory information. I respect every journalist who works hard to secure tight-lipped information, but I think we need to return to the method where sources are willing to speak on the record. It feels disingenuous to tell you guys about every single thing I see because it’s contradicted within a couple of hours of being posted.

The problem is that no one in the league would say, “Don’t consider signing with my team. You wouldn’t fit with our team.” For the right price, anyone would sign Carmelo Anthony. Literally no one is going to tell him not to think about it. Someone should write, “Sources say every team interested in Carmelo Anthony,” so we don’t have to keep doing this. – AL

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