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Boston Celtics laud their fans’ loyalty

Image courtesy of Kowarski/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Kowarski/Flickr.

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Boston can’t promise 70 degrees in January, but it can promise a warm welcome in the Garden.

“I know that would be a big reason why you wouldn’t want to leave a city like Boston,” said Rondo, “because every night, even with the season we’re having, we’re probably still leading the league in attendance or at least up near the top.

“I mean, the fans in Boston, they know the game. You can’t cheat the fans. They know the game. It’s fun to play there. It’s definitely something you appreciate even more once you go on the road and see other teams that have like 6,000 people in the stands. Every night, it’s 18,000 in Boston.

“So you don’t take that for granted,” Rondo said. “I know I don’t. I’ve been in the league for eight years, and in Boston the crowd is consistent. They’re always there.” Boston Herald

Joel Anthony, Jared Sullinger, Brandon Bass, and Avery Bradley also had nothing but high praise for Boston Celtics’ fans. The players appreciate their love of the game, a rare commodity around the league. Rondo, in particular, has been around for their previous rebuilding phase so it’s not a fluke or bandwagon group in his mind. – AL

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