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BMF Training Debut: Nike Lunar TR1

BMF Training: Being a baller isn’t just about what you do on the court – it’s about how you prepare to ball when you’re away from it. BMF Training is about bringing you the latest in training footwear, apparel, and equipment that can help you raise your game and also give you insight into what the best players are wearing in preparation for their battles on the NBA stage. Courtesy of Nike | featuring the Nike Lunar TR1 >>> Fa14_SNP_AT_Lunar_TR1_Profile_001_31051 Nike invented the cross-training category born out of a drive to meet the otherworldly needs of multisport Nike athlete Bo Jackson. Twenty-five years later, Nike unveils new state-of-the-art performance training footwear – the Nike Lunar TR1. It is a shoe for the next generation of world-class athletes who aspire to train like decathlon world record-holder Ashton Eaton.

“When I train, I look for a training shoe that can handle power on multiple surfaces, provides great stability and is as fast and agile as I am because I want it to work with me to help me get better,” said Ashton Eaton. “The second I put the Nike Lunar TR1 on I knew it was going to be perfect for my training needs. It’s light with great cushioning, it gives me a snug feeling around the foot and its super grippy.”

A quarter century of innovating for, and being inspired by, elite athletes has given Nike a unique perspective on the evolving demands of training. Lightweight for quickness, traction on multiple surfaces, unwavering support and cushioned protection are all equally prized qualities in a training shoe that can truly serve the goals of athletes.

“Nike has unrivaled insight into the evolving demands of the modern training athlete and the new Nike Lunar TR1 offers a groundbreaking combination of design and innovation to give athletes the best training footwear ever made,” says Nathan VanHook, Nike Athletic Training’s Footwear Design Director. “The kind of gym workouts we’re seeing athletes go after include a lot of agility drills, cutting, sprinting and weight-training on multiple surfaces which places demanding forces on footwear and requires solutions that are uniquely capable. So our goal was to give athletes a shoe that best combines lightweight traction, support and protection. The Nike Lunar TR1 is that shoe.”

Fa14_SNP_AT_Lunar_TR1_Detail_003_31056 Fa14_SNP_AT_Lunar_TR1_Front_Angle_001_31045


The Nike Lunar TR1 is the lightest Nike Lunar Trainer training shoe yet – a men’s size 10 weighs just 9.4 ounces – 25 percent lighter than its predecessor. This remarkable achievement was made possible by utilizing a breathable, lightweight mesh that is integrated with dynamic Nike Flywire technology to hug the foot for an adaptive and comfortable fit. Being able to reduce the weight of the shoe with these innovations gives athletes improved quickness without sacrificing other critical elements such as stability, traction and protection. Fa14_SNP_AT_Lunar_TR1_Detail_002_31053 Fa14_SNP_AT_Lunar_TR1_Detail_001_31057

Stability and Traction

Getting an athlete lower to the ground improves stability for lifting weights, increases traction and delivers greater efficiency during rapid changes of direction. The Nike Lunar TR1 has been engineered to get the athlete lower to the ground. A pressure-mapped high-traction outsole was developed specifically from studying the array of movements and types of surfaces that athletes encounter.

“Our goal is to help build the best athletes in the world so the Nike Lunar TR1 delivers a superior combination of protection, support and lightweight performance,” VanHook continues. “Plus, we think it looks pretty cool, which also matters to athletes.” 

Fa14_SNP_AT_Lunar_TR1_Back_001_31046 Fa14_SNP_AT_Lunar_TR1_Back_Angle_001_31059

Durable Protection

The cornerstone of the performance of the new Nike Lunar TR1 is the utilization of Nike’s Lunarlon foam. Since the launch of Lunarlon cushioning six years ago, this hugely popular technology has evolved to deliver super-soft, lightweight and responsive cushioning. The benefit in a training shoe is that the cushioning keeps you low and comfortable so you can work out longer and harder. This latest application works in comfortable harmony with an athlete’s natural range of motion in an unbelievably lightweight package underfoot. 

“We’ve been blown away by the performance of the new Nike Lunar TR1 but Nike practically invented cross-training so we expect the products they create to be the very best solutions for our athletes,” says Lance Walker, Performance Director Michael Johnson Performance Center. “The Nike Lunar TR1 is a training shoe that’s versatile across a range of very demanding training activities on multiple surfaces. Now our athletes don’t need to change shoes for different training environments and feel like they are better equipped to perform.”

The new Nike Lunar TR1 is now available at and select retail locations. Fa14_SNP_AT_Dri_Fit_Knit_AEaton_0003_31052 Fa14_SNP_AT_Lunar_TR1_AEaton_0004_31050 Fa14_SNP_AT_Lunar_TR1_AEaton_0003_31054 Fa14_SNP_AT_Lunar_TR1_AEaton_0002_31058 Fa14_SNP_AT_Lunar_TR1_AEaton_0001_31048 Fa14_SNP_AT_Dri_Fit_Knit_AEaton_0006_31047 Fa14_SNP_AT_Dri_Fit_Knit_AEaton_0004_31055

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