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The Zion 1: Zion Williamson’s First Signature Sneaker Debuts

New Orleans Pelicans star, Zion Williamson is finally coming out with his own signature sneaker. Having been a part of Jordan Brand since his NBA journey began last season, Williamson will debut the Zion 1 tonight versus the Brooklyn Nets. The Zion 1 comes in four colorways, all of them with specific meaning to the man himself.

The top sneaker is the ZNA colorway, inspired by “the dual qualities that define Williamson’s game – powerful and graceful, strong and smooth, understated and dominant.” It celebrates Zion’s meteoric rise. This will release on May 5.

The second sneaker is the Gen Zion colorway, an important black and white colorway for Williamson, who further elaborates, “Growing up, I was taught that your home base is your foundation. Whether it’s your family or your brothers, you need a solid base to start from, and that’s what the white and black colorway represents for me. If you can master the simple things, your potential is limitless.” This releases on April 23.

The third sneaker is Noah colorway, named after Zion’s little brother. It’s “inspired by the unbreakable bond between Williamson and his little brother… the colorway features drawings and doodles inspired by Noah’s visits to Nike’s world headquarters.” This will release on May 19.

The bottom sneaker is the Marion colorway, which represents Zion’s home in South Carolina, “the place that made him who he is today, and where he learned the value of family, friendship and hard work.” This releases on May 26.

What I particularly like about the look of the Zion 1 is – I think obviously – the Z design on the side of them. It stands out in a very cool, edgy, and aesthetically pleasing way as it acts as a border of sorts between the dominant colors/colorways. It definitely defines the main lines of the sneaker, but also brings it together as it borders both the upper and the midsole itself. The continuing incorporation of the Z design in the midsole and outsole is very cook, and particularly striking with the Noah colorway, considering the plethora of colors used in that colorway.

I dig the black and white colorway because it’s classic, and having “Zion” written on the lining is a nice breakup of solid white and black, as well as the mesh in both colors. Because of the way the letters are mishmoshed, it gives the eye even more angles to take this simple colorway in. But, if I’m honest, I’m looking forward to purchasing the Noahs because I really dig the multiple colors, including the lettering of Zion’s name on the midpanel. There seems to be a little bit of kinetic and chaotic energy with the colors, but they’re all contained within the particular sections of the shoe. Sort of like a car revving its engine, ready to go. If I’m throwing down money on these Zion 1s, it’s going to be on these.

After taking in all of these designs and colorways, which ones are you looking forward to copping?

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