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Listen Up: New Cat Power / Coldplay Song, “Wish I Was Here” Soundtrack

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[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]et a third song, “Wish I Was Here,” the title track from Zach Braff’s movie of the same name, has been released and made available for purchase on iTunes or via the movie’s website.

Pairing Cat Power’s voice with Chris Martin and Coldplay’s music and lyrics is an interesting combination; on paper it doesn’t seem like it would work, seeing how hard Coldplay has worked over the years to fine-tune their arena-rock sound, while Cat Power’s songs have always been unassuming, some might even say haunting at times. And yet the collaboration works. The music is stripped down (at least by current Coldplay standards); it even reminds me of the The Pretender’s song “2,000 Miles,” which Coldplay covered several years ago.

The second song released from the soundtrack is Bon Iver’s “Heavenly Father.” Now, I’m a Bon Iver fan and all, but I did not immediately love this tune. Maybe you’ll have a different react to it than I did. Take a listen!

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