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Bret Michaels Is Endlessly in Love with Nissan

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What has happened to Donald Trump’s former Apprentice? Bret Michaels, lead singer of Poison and Celebrity Apprentice mastermind behind Snapple’s Trop-A-Rocka Tea, sings about his love of Nissan trucks, using the classic Lionel Richie ballad “Endless Love.”

It is as odd as it sounds. Watch the 4 minute spot here:

So, what did you think? Did you love that commercial? If you feel the need to own the song, you can even download it for free here.

As part of Nissan’s “Tough Love” campaign to help promote Nissan’s line of heavy duty commercial vans, Michaels appears here at a testing facility to serenade some vehicles. If you click through and check out Nissan’s Youtube page, there are several more shorter clips of Michaels extolling the virtues of various features of the Nissan NCV.

Ride the wind, Bret! Ride. the. Wind.

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