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Nike Unveils 2014 Brasil Hyper Elite Uniforms

Courtesy of Nike

With a big summer of hoops underway, Nike proudly unveils the new Brasil Basketball uniform. As the brand’s lightest uniform in history, the Nike Hyper Elite infuses design innovation to maximize player performance.

Both the Brasil home and away uniforms prominently feature green and yellow hues meshed together in the 26-degree speed graphic – on the side of the game jersey and extending across the side of the game short from the front to the back. The speed graphic represents a distinctive basketball point of view, based on the roughly 1,000 directional changes, or “cuts” that a player might make in the course of a game.


A flocked lining at the inside of the neck allows the athlete to comfortably wipe excess moisture from the face. Ultra-lightweight stretch mesh in the back of the jersey serves to regulate the temperature of the player along the spine, where athletes tend to heat up the most. Redeveloped, lightweight sphere fabric in the front of the jersey helps to maintain a comfortable body temperature by wicking moisture, while eliminating cling from excess sweat.  


A perforated, vented waistband in the Nike Hyper Elite shorts provides a level of cooling, while maintaining the comfort and security that athletes require. A new, performance flex vent placed by the knee allows the game short to flex when the player moves. The addition of a flocked “wipe zone” at either hip allows a comfortable spot to dry hands as sweat builds up.  

The continuation of performance perforated zones at the side of the short allows the moisture management properties of the Nike Pro Combat Hypercool shorts or Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong shorts worn underneath to work as a complete system.

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