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BMF Training: Fall 2014 Nike Tech Pack Collection

Courtesy of Nike

[youtube][/youtube] Fleece is the fundamental material of sport. By re-examining the textile and fabrication, Nike has evolved the timeless basic into a modern staple. With Nike Tech Fleece as its champion, the Fall 2014 Nike Tech Pack Collection will offer increased functionality, instant-classic silhouettes and time-honored styles. Since its debut in 2007, Nike Tech Pack has stood for forward-looking design with an emphasis on uncompromised function. Nike Tech Fleece, introduced in 2013 and created for the contemporary athlete, reimaged classic Nike silhouettes with an advanced fabric saturated in benefits such as superior breathability, insulation and articulation.  This season brings two key styles to Nike Tech Pack Collection, emphasizing movement and environmental protection.   For women, the Nike Tech Butterfly Jacket is a fresh silhouette that elegantly plays with proportion. An oversized hood and dolman sleeves that transition to a fitted, feminine cuff allow for a greater range of motion and flattering fit. An asymmetric front zip and contrast-color zipper pulls are fine details that complete the package. Accompanying the Nike Tech Butterfly Jacket as part of the new collection are the Nike Tech FZ Hoodie, Nike Tech Funnel and Nike Tech Pants.  For men, the Nike Tech Windrunner IRD elevates the jacket that was designed for Nike-sponsored runners back in 1978 and became a street -style statement. A water-resistant iridescent woven overlay, borrowed from the original, increases protection from precipitation and highlights the classic chevron aesthetic of the Windrunner. An extended hood bill and reflective zipper pulls emphasize the specialized details. The collection also includes the Nike Tech AW77 with iridescent overlays, the Nike Tech FZ Hoody, Nike Tech Crew and Nike Tech Pant The men’s and women’s Fall 2014 Nike Tech Pack Collection featuring Tech Fleece will be available online at on Aug. 21.

Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_AW77_03_32289 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_AW77_04_32290 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_TechPants_01_32296 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_TechPants_03_32295 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_Windrunner_01_32294 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_Windrunner_03_32297 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_Windrunner_04_32300 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_Windrunner_06_32299 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Mens_AW77_02_32291 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Azarenka_014_32532 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Bengtsson_013_32528 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Boateng_002_32494 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Bouchard_005_32533 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_George_004_32490 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Hernandez_007_32530 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Lee_002_32534 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Malto_007_32492 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Yamaguchi_004_32496 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Na_003_32529 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Nadal_005_32320 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Perri_001_32531 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Serena_003_32503 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Sherman_018_32322 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Womens_Hoodie_04_32309 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Womens_Hoodie_05_32311 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Womens_TechPants__01_32313 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Womens_TechPants_02_32316 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Womens_Windrunner_01_32315 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Womens_Windrunner_02_32314 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Womens_Windrunner_04_32317 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Womens_Butterfly_01_32303 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Womens_Butterfly_02_32301 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Womens_Butterfly_03_32304 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Womens_Butterfly_04_32306 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Womens_Hoodie_01_32308 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Womens_Hoodie_02_32310 Fa14_NSW_Tech_Pack_Womens_Hoodie_03_32312 From the video: Screenshot 2014-08-26 16.52.51 Screenshot 2014-08-26 16.55.24 Screenshot 2014-08-26 16.55.28 Screenshot 2014-08-26 16.55.33 Screenshot 2014-08-26 16.55.39 Screenshot 2014-08-26 16.55.44 Screenshot 2014-08-26 16.55.47 Screenshot 2014-08-26 16.55.50 Screenshot 2014-08-26 16.55.58 Screenshot 2014-08-26 16.56.06 Screenshot 2014-08-26 16.56.10 Screenshot 2014-08-26 16.56.14 Screenshot 2014-08-26 16.56.17 Screenshot 2014-08-26 16.56.23 Screenshot 2014-08-26 16.56.26 Screenshot 2014-08-26 16.56.27 Screenshot 2014-08-26 16.56.28 Screenshot 2014-08-26 16.56.29 Additional image post-production by Sandy Dover >>> BMF Training: Being a baller isn’t just about what you do on the court – it’s about how you prepare to ball when you’re away from it. BMF Training is about bringing you the latest in training footwear, apparel, and equipment that can help you raise your game and also give you insight into what the best players are wearing in preparation for their battles on the NBA stage.

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