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Let The March Madness Begin: NCAA Bracketology

It’s March. You know what that means?

The Shamrock Shake makes its annual return to McDonald’s. Of all annual food returns, the Shamrock Shake ranks just ahead of Thanksgiving leftovers in late-November and candy corn in October.

College kids are going to be on Spring Break. Kids who are out of college but haven’t totally grown up are also going to be on Spring Break. Cut to me proudly raising my hand. You better believe it’s Goin Down For Real in Miami in two and a half weeks.

NBA teams are making up their mind as to whether they should go balls to the wall for a playoff spot or blatantly tank away the remaining month and a half of the season for better positioning in the NBA Draft Lottery.

I’m pretty sure March is the month when that silly little game where steroid-infested men swing a wooden stick at a ball starts too. Most importantly …

March. F******. Madness.

That’s right folks, it’s that special time of the year where crinkled up sheets of paper are a fixture in everybody’s pocket. It’s that time of the year where Cinderella becomes the most relevant Disney term (Suck it, Frozen). It’s that time of the year where for one month we collectively decide “O.K., so the quality of play in these games isn’t even close to being as good as the NBA, but why should that matter all of the time?”

March. F******. Madness.

And the common misconception is that March Madness starts once the tournament field is announced. That, my friends, is just not true. The Madness is officially under way. I’ve been sitting back and doing my research for a month, just biding my time waiting for the right occasion to unveil my first Bracketology projections. Well, just like Michael “Squints” Palledorous, I can’t take it anymore. Sonny Brackets is in the house!

These projections will be updated daily (or damn close) once all of the major Conference Tournaments get underway. So make sure that you stop back here frequently to check out my fresh take on the tourney picture. Anyway, onto some guidelines:

Teams in All CAPS are conference winners, and those conference winners are determined based on current standings. Once the conference tournaments are under way, the conference winners will be determined based on highest current seed remaining in the conference tournament.

Every Bracketology post will be accompanied with my choices for Last Four Byes, Last Four In, First Four Out and Next Four Out. Additionally, next week I will start getting into the games to watch each day. Buckle yourselves in … this is going to be a fun two weeks before a very fun next three weeks.

Top Four Seeds: Kentucky (Midwest Region), Duke (West Region), Virginia (East Region), Villanova (South Region)

Last Four Byes: Colorado State, Oklahoma State, Oregon, BYU

Last Four In: Cincinnati, Davidson, North Carolina State, Old Dominion

First Four Out: Purdue, Tulsa, Rhode Island, Illinois

Next Four Out: Pittsburgh, Stanford, Texas, UCLA

Image Courtesy of Sonny Giuliano

Image Courtesy of Sonny Giuliano

NOTE: Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the two fifteen seeds in the bottom two regions aren’t able to be seen in this bracket. Just in case anybody was itching to know who they were, it was Albany in the Georgia Southern in the West Region and Albany in the South Region.

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