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I have expressed my love for the Nike KD7 multiple times. I love the silhouette and the design. It’s the shoe that makes me feel like I want to step back on the court after my retirement. BUT WHAT IS THE NIKE KD7 ELITE SUPPOSED TO BE?! Are my toes still allowed to breath or nah? Why should I want to have the Hyperposite material all wrapped around my foot? Oh wait, but they have made some holes around the back of the shoe, for breathability.

Well, my toes are still dying, though! Right? The part of my foot that is important for movements and balance is just going to be left alone, in a shoe shelled like a tortoise. At least there’s Zoom Air technology to keep thing comfy, right? By the way, in case you haven’t caught on, I’m not feeling the Elite upgrade at all.

There also is the Nike KOBE X Elite. Can we please take a moment to appreciate this? The super high-top Kobe is back, with less pattern, more than one base color, and very few other detail colors. The silhouette reminds of the regular Kobe 9 and since it was well-appreciated, I can appreciate the KOBE X Elite, too.

The final model of the Nike Basketball Elite Series is the LEBRON 12 Elite. It’s a LeBron 12, with cut outs in the Hyperposite, excuse me — Megaposite — upper. That’s all I got.

Su15_BB_KDurant_Elite_724349-478_Heel_080_HF1_38274 Su15_BB_KDurant_Elite_724349-404_Back_099_HF1_38273 Su15_BB_KDurant_Elite_724349-404_Detail1_191_HF1_38278 Su15_BB_KDurant_Elite_724349-404_Detail3_102_HFR2_38277 Su15_BB_KDurant_Elite_724349-404_Medial_089_HF1_38270 Su15_BB_KDurant_Elite_724349-404_Outsole_093_HF1_38276 Su15_BB_KDurant_Elite_724349-404_Toe_085_HF1_38271 Su15_BB_KBryant_Elite_718763-505_Detail3_734_HF1_38268 Su15_BB_KBryant_Elite_718763-505_Heel_458_HF1_38267 Su15_BB_KBryant_Elite_718763-505_Medial_487_HF1_38262 Su15_BB_KBryant_Elite_718763-505_Toe_495_HF1_38266 Su15_BB_KBryant_Elite_718763-505_Back_501_HF1_38265 Su15_BB_KBryant_Elite_718763-505_Detail1_707_HF1_38264 Su15_BB_KBryant_Elite_718763-505_Detail2_709_HF1_38263 Su15_BB_LJames_Elite_724559-618_Back_325_HRF2_38253 Su15_BB_LJames_Elite_724559-618_Detail1_336_HRF2_38258 Su15_BB_LJames_Elite_724559-618_Detail2_345_HRF2_38259 Su15_BB_LJames_Elite_724559-618_Detail3_347_HRF2_38260 Su15_BB_LJames_Elite_724559-618_Heel_296_HRF2_38255 Su15_BB_LJames_Elite_724559-618_Medial_310_HRF2_38256 Su15_BB_LJames_Elite_724559-618_Outsole_318_HRF2_38257 Su15_BB_LJames_Elite_724559-618_Toe_302_HRF2_38252

Photos courtesy of Nike

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