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Los Angeles Lakers Asked Steve Nash Not to Retire

Image courtesy of Scott Mecum/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Scott Mecum/Flickr.

The Los Angeles Lakers were poised to free up mountains of cap space in the hope to land some big time free agents and make another playoff push. This is the mantra chanted by the Lakers faithful as the team labors through an abomination of a season that includes celebrating single victories as if they were monumental accomplishments (and in a way, they are). Part of the way the team was going to create the space was the retirement of 41-year-old Canadian point guard Steve Nash.

The former two-time MVP has been struggling with back injuries for the last few years, and has missed more games than he’s played. Nash has been little more than a $9.7 million dollar line item on the ledger for the Lakers, and it turns out the Lakers may be happy with that. In a recent Bleacher Report column from Kevin Ding, the Lakers have requested that Nash hold off his retirement so his contract can be considered as a trade chip.

Now please raise your hand if you thought anyone was going to trade for Steve Nash? Anyone? Anyone at all!? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Featured Image courtesy of Keith Allison/Flickr.

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