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Opinion: Nike Air Foamposite Pro ‘Gym Red’ looks like ‘shiny toy’

So, there’s another Nike Air Foamposite coming at us; this one is the Air Foamposite Pro. We are talking about a completely gym red Foamposite upper which has the Nike signature carbon fiber look to it. The sole is red, the laces are red, the swoosh is red and the inner lining is red. There are very few black accents. A black and red colorway, nothing risky or new. It’s a classic colorway, or pairing, which is okay in my opinion.

image (4) image (5)

I’m not too sure if I really like the (almost) all-red. We’ve seen so many all-red shoes after the Nike Air Yeezy 2 ‘Red October’ released in 2014 that I’m actually tired of it. Of course, the Foamposite is a shoe that you only wear when you really want people to actually look at your shoes, but I think that the all-red coat doesn’t suit the Foamposite’s silhouette too well. It makes it look even flashier and plastic-y, almost cheap. Maybe a matte finish would have given the shoe a little bit of more originality and stressed the shoe’s unique design, instead of making it look like a shiny toy shoe.

image (2) image (3) image (1)

Photos courtesy of Nike

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