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Chargers, Raiders Push for L.A. Move

Image courtesy of  Parker Anderson/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Parker Anderson/Flickr.

While the NFL continues to talk about moving a team to Los Angeles, the surrounding football teams continue to have various players, politicians and persona’s voice their two cents about a move. The San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders have both been rumored as viable options to move to Los Angeles in a deal that would have both teams sharing one stadium.

The latest person to through their opinion is Kevin Faulconer, the mayor of San Diego, who voiced displeasure at the prospect of the Chargers leaving his city. Faulconer has been lobbying for the team to stay in San Diego, but team officials have been less than cooperative or supportive, seemingly setting the table for a move.

If the NFL decides not to bring a team back to L.A., or if that team is not the Chargers, what does the team do then? They are in need of a new stadium, and the relationship with the local government seems all but destroyed. This remains a situation worth watching.

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