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Tom Brady: The Mastermind

Image courtesy of Andrew Campbell/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Andrew Campbell/Flickr.

This is not an article that is going to argue the innocence or guilt of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

I will not debate the incompetence of the NFL officials in charge of this debacle. I won’t comment on whether Brady’s camp should build their case on his total innocence or NFL procedural error. There will be no rambling about the controversial Wells Report, nor the ridiculous response from the Patriots with None of that will be in this column. I am simply here to remind everyone of the immense amount of money that has bought Tom Brady the best legal advisors such wealth can obtain. Ensuring us a plan has been in place since the beginning of this sewer show for the skilled but aging quarterback.

Everything Brady has done since the announcement of the Ted Wells investigation was planned. Every word spoken to the public, every piece of news “leaked” from his camp was all calculated and preemptive. All forms of early offense from his lawyers knowing where this would end up. From the refusal to hand his cell phone over to the decision of appealing the suspension in federal court, Brady and his legal team are well aware the quarterback has one more shot at football immortality and a real chance at a fifth championship. A four game suspension would cripple that opportunity. Brady needs a full season. He needs to buy time. Lucky for Tom, speedy trial is a very loosely defined term within the United States.

With the appeal process now reaching a federal court in Minnesota, the lawyers behind Brady are no longer dealing with a wishy-washy, inconsistent NFL. They are now into the court systems where these lawyers and advisors made their names. They are also dealing with the honorable Dave Doty who has a track record of siding with unions and workers over big companies. So strap in, because if you thought the NFL’s process was slow, the American justice system will seem like it is moving backwards. That gives Brady precisely what he wants. More time.

The next step for Brady and his dream team of lawyers is to file an injunction which would allow him to play through the disputed suspension while the case is “ongoing.” To be granted an injunction one must present evidence to the presiding judge proving the case is winnable. While I do not know exactly what they will present, law experts say a work injunction is granted more often than not for any decent lawyer. With Judge Doty being pro-union, it won’t take much for him to sway in Brady’s favor. The injunction will be granted most likely within a week or two before the beginning of the regular season, just in time for Brady to be on the field.

The NFL season will commence while pre-trial hearings and submission of evidence are underway. In fact there is a very good chance this case won’t even be heard within this calendar year which puts Brady and the Patriots well into the later part of the football season. The injunction would allow Brady to play while he waits for his case to begin. Also, making the playoffs will not be far-fetched the Patriots won the Super Bowl last season.

With a chip on his shoulder due being labeled a cheater, Brady will have a career year. He lost hardly anything on the offensive side of the ball in the off season. In fact he gained another weapon with the acquisition of former Buffalo Bills tight end Scott Chandler. There is no reason the Patriots cannot repeat as they did in 2003 and 2004. Aside from losing Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner, the majority of the defense is intact and Bill Belichick has won championships with less skill on the defense than he will have this year. The only major difference from the previous repeat years is now the team will have a motto to get behind: “Win one more for Brady.”

Continuance after delay after postponement will drag the appeal into 2016 but Brady only needs until February. Once his football team is in the playoffs, only five weeks remain until the big game. If New England can get there, Brady’s courtroom team will make sure he is on playing field. A February Super Bowl seems far away, but it is only six months from the start of the regular season. In the American legal system, six months goes by faster than you can deflate a dozen footballs.

If the Patriots are present in the big game there is no way a fifth ring won’t be added to the busy hand of Tom Brady, and a subsequent quick exit from a smart man. A week or so after winning another championship, cementing a unique legacy, Tom Brady will announce his decision to retire ending his employment with the NFL. The case will be thrown out and Tom Brady will retire a five time champion without ever serving a game of his suspension, paying any fines or admitting to any wrong doing. In essence, Brady will beat the NFL using the system as he goes down as the best quarterback to have ever played the game with five rings and the smartest man Rodger Goodell has ever crossed paths with.

He would become a legend, Tom Brady: The Mastermind.

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