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Opinion: Nike KD8 ‘Vinary’ reminds of ‘The Matrix’

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I finally had the change to test the Nike KD8 and I’ve got to say…it’s tight. At first, it’s so tight that it will hurt your feet. Which changes after a few wears. Then it just sits like a glove and gives incredible stability. Yes party people,  stability comes from the inner/outer sole and footbed and not from the shoes ankle height. Surprise. I know, I know a lot. Anyways, the foot is locked in the shoe by the Flyweave upper, which is an interesting material. Let’s break down the looks of this Nike KD8 ‘Vinary’.

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I love Flyweave, because it makes super interesting patterns and color schemes possible. In this case, the green fading to black on the toebox is dope and kind of reminds me of a reverse Matrix computer graphic kind of thing. (But my mind works different. I’m sure that I have a very unpopular opinion.) The pop of green on the tongue? DOPE! The purple midsole? ILL! The flashy red icy outsole? Ehw. Messes up the whole shoe. Nike should have sticked to ‘The Joker’ colorway, but oh well, can’t change KD’s role models just for the sake of a decent colorway.

I guess.

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Photos courtesy of Nike

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